Holiday Gift Ideas

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is a little less than five weeks away. This means that it’s time for you to pick up the perfect gift for that special foodie or smoothie fanatic in your life.

Our holiday gift guide has great gift ideas for that special someone who might already own a Blendtec or Vitamix blender.

Holiday Guide Guide


For anyone who is into cooking, you can’t go wrong with a new cookbook. From smoothies to raw food dishes, these cookbooks have tons of great ideas.

One of my favorites is The Art of Blending by Tori Ritchie. This cookbook contains 96 pages of recipes with beautiful photography, and tricks and tips to get the most out of your Vitamix.

If your special someone is still new to blending, the Smoothie Recipe Book for Beginners is a great gift. This cookbook has more than 70 smoothie recipes targeted toward various health goals, like detox, energy, or weight loss. It even offers meal plans and helpful tips for calorie reduction and healthy living.

Avid health buffs might appreciate The Healthy Smoothie Bible and Superfood Smoothies. These recipe books contain more than 100 recipes that will give them lots of new ways to make healthy and delicious drinks for the family.

If they’re a vegan, they’ll love a copy of The Blender Girl. This cookbook comes with 100 recipes, all are vegan-friendly. What’s even better, they’re all gluten-free. Even those that aren’t vegan or gluten-free will still love this book.

Know someone looking to get more into raw food? A great gift for them is the popular cookbook titled, Ani’s Raw Food Essentials. It’s the perfect cookbook for those starting out on a raw food lifestyle.

Smoothie Cups and Containers

Another great gift idea for someone with a Blendtec or Vitamix: more cups and containers! There’s no such thing as having too many smoothie cups or containers. These things will always come in handy. Besides, it’s nice to have extras – just in case you forget your smoothie cup at work.

As a rule, you should look for smoothie cups that are BPA-free, easy to use, and easy to clean. And, if you’re going to gift a blender container, make sure that the container is compatible with their blender.

If they own a Blendtec blender and love to make things like peanut butter, a Twister Jar is a great choice. It’s a great idea because it easily blends peanut butter or hummus.

For Vitamix owners, get them a new Vitamix 32-ounce container. They come in two variations: one that is used for dry ingredients, and the other for wet ingredients.

If you’re looking for cheaper gift ideas, consider a to-go smoothie cup instead. For those who are always on the go, the Vitamix 20-ounce container is the perfect fit. It’s small enough to fit in car cup holders, but big enough to hold a full morning smoothie. Also, it’s double-walled, so it’ll keep your morning smoothie cold well into the afternoon. It’s also dishwasher safe!


Spatulas are cheap and a perfect gift to give someone who already owns a blender. And, you can never have enough of them.

If your special someone has a Blendtec blender, get them the Spoonula. The Spoonula is specially designed for Blendtec containers.

Or if something basic is all you need, pick up a set of Silchef Professional Grade Silicone Spatulas. They’re currently on sale, and you can buy a set of 3 on Amazon for just $20. These colorful spatulas are ergonomic, heat resistant, and are extremely durable.

So there you have it. If you give you special smoothie fanatic any one of the gifts listed above, they’ll know just how much you care. What’s more, you won’t have to spend a fortune on a thoughtful present.

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