Easy Frothy Hot Chocolate Recipe (using the Vitamix Aer)

I’ve yet to meet a child who doesn’t like chocolate. The form doesn’t matter: m&ms, chocolate milk, chocolate chips, hot chocolate, etc. As long as it’s chocolate, they will enjoy it!

On a chilly Winter evening, I like to surprise my family with a bedtime treat: homemade hot chocolate. No instant packets or pouches required for this nighttime drink. Let me guess, your family would be pleasantly surprised if you announced that you were brewing up a batch of homemade hot chocolate!

Bonus: I guarantee you have these items already at home. No special ingredients required. Simply chocolate chips, milk, and a splash of vanilla extract. The best part is the warm, bubbly and frothed milk!

As soon as I received my Vitamix Aer container, I knew that I would experiment until I discovered the ultimate hot chocolate recipe. What I didn’t know was that a little bit of milk goes a long way. My standard 2 cups of milk frothed itself into 4 cups – that’s double the size! In case you were wondering, the Vitamix Aer container is all about frothing, muddling and emulsifying.

I dumped in the 3 ingredients, turned the Vitamix on high, set a timer for 6 minutes, and then left the room. I believe I folded laundry while this was whirling away on my kitchen counter. My timer beeped. I turned off the blender and was graciously rewarded with a steaming hot container of richly blended, fluffy, decadent hot chocolate.

My family and I agreed: we must make this again soon!

Looking for the adult version of this recipe? Try out my favorite Winter drink: Amaretto Hot Chocolate!

Frothy Hot Chocolate (using the Vitamix Aer)

Frothy Hot Chocolate (using the Vitamix Aer)

A warm and fluffy hot chocolate made in 6 minutes with only 3 ingredients.

Prep Time: 1 minute
Total Time: 1 minute


  • 2 cups of milk, 2% or whole milk works best
  • ½ cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • mini marshmallows, (optional)


  1. Add the milk, chocolate chips and vanilla extract to Vitamix Aer container.
  2. Gradually turn blender to variable 10. Blend for 6 minutes, or until the chocolate chips are melted and fully incorporated into the mixture. It should also be steaming and ready to drink!
  3. Top with a few mini marshmallows.

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