Vitamix 5200 vs 7500

Vitamix 5200 vs 7500

We’ve gotten quite a few questions about the winner of the Vitamix 5200 vs. Vitamix 7500 debate, so we decided it was time to put together a precise comparison between these two popular models.

OUR RATINGbr-starbr-starbr-starbr-starbr-star-halfbr-starbr-starbr-starbr-starbr-star-half
PLATFORMLegacy SeriesLegacy Series
aka "Classic Series"aka "Next-Gen Series"
Brushed Stainless
HP2.0 HP2.2 HP
CONTAINERClassic 64oz (Tall)Low Profile 64oz (Short)
CONTROLSVariable SpeedVariable Speed
(upgradeable to 10)
7 Years
(upgradeable to 10)

  • Cheaper

  • Chefs train on this model

  • Legendary

  • Newer Design

  • More Power

  • Fits under cabinets

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The Vitamix 5200 was first introduced in October 2007 as a replacement for Vitamix’s flagship model, the 5000. The updated 5200 model came with several important improvements over the older model; a more efficient motor and a shatterproof BPA-free container.

5200 colors

But, it has been over six years since the introduction of the Vitamix 5200 and quite a bit has changed in the world, so it was time for Vitamix to make some significant improvements to their flagship product.

In January 2013, Vitamix released a newly redesigned blender, the Vitamix 7500 to the public and it has grown in popularity ever since.

A few significant changes have made their way into the Vitamix 7500 that help to set it apart from the older models. You will find these innovations on both the exterior and under the hood of the new model, so let’s take a minute to review them all.

Vitamix 7500 colors

Blender Updates in 2017

Vitamix Ascent Series

In early 2017, Vitamix released their new line of Ascent blenders. While the 5200 vs 7500 debate rages on, there are new rivalries forming as we speak with the new Vitamix Ascent. We have a pretty good idea what the new debate will be, but we are waiting for more feedback. Please, drop a note below on what Vitamix blenders you’re comparing right now and that will greatly help us come up with our next great blender comparison.

Vitamix Explorian Series

Vitamix E310

In October 2017, Vitamix released another new line of blenders called the Explorian Series. They launched the series with one blender called the E310. The raw specs of the E310 are very similar to the 5200, with the most glaring difference in that it ships with a short 48 ounce container.

The big similarities are the 2.0 HP motor and the controls. The controls both offer Variable Speed Control, with very slight differences with Pulse (E310) vs High (5200). Functionally, most home cooks won’t notice the difference between the two control systems.

Where it gets interesting is the price. For brand new blenders, the Vitamix E310 is priced much lower than the 5200, and makes it a blender to seriously consider. Much of the comparisons below between the 5200 vs 7500 are relevant by substituting “5200” with “E310”.


The most apparent difference between the two models is the appearance. The overall design of Vitamix 5200 is tall and skinny, while the Vitamix 7500 appears shorter and wider. The redesigned container of the newer models makes up for the majority of the height difference, but there are some noticeable differences with the motor bases as well.

Vitamix 5200 and 7500
It’s difficult to find out exactly when the style of motor base used on the 5200 was first introduced (Vitamix has been selling blenders since 1937), but similar designs can be found as far back as 1992, used for the Vitamix Total Nutrition Center. After 20+ years, the Vitamix was due for a fresh look, and the Vitamix 7500 was the first of the main product line to feature this new design.

These differences in design lead to a clear advantage for the 7500 when it comes to fitting in your kitchen space. The Vitamix 7500 is a full three inches shorter than the older Vitamix 5200s, meaning that you should likely have no problems storing it beneath your kitchen cabinets.


The redesigned container of the Vitamix 7500 is a significant advancement over the 5200. The wider, shorter container of the 7500 allows more room for the blade and results in the blade diameter being a full one inch larger than that of the older model.

5200 and 7500 blades

The additional room at the container base gives ingredients more space to move around during blending, which leads to a smoother blend and also makes it easier to remove the finished recipe once blending is completed.


The next major difference between the 7500 and the 5200 is the increase in horsepower found in the Vitamix 7500. A slightly more powerful motor was added to the new model that adds an additional .2 horsepower to an already powerful 2 peak-horsepower motor.

This difference may sound small, but this 10% increase is a significant addition. It means that you’ll be able to blend tough mixtures more smoothly, like nut butter, hummus, or thick smoothies and shakes.


With the Vitamix 7500, there have also been some advancements in noise reduction. Special vibration dampening technology was used to make this new model 40% quieter than older models.

This difference is significant, especially if you have a home with small children or pets, who are understandably agitated by the loud noise that a high-powered blender typically produces.


So far, it seems that everything is in favor of the new Vitamix 7500, but when it comes to total cost, the 5200 has the advantage here.

Since the 7500 is a newer model, it does cost more than the older, Vitamix 5200. The comparable 5200 package will save you $80 over the cost of the new Vitamix 7500, and this can be quite a bit of money for most people.

Our Conclusion

No matter which model you choose, be at ease knowing these are two of the most popular models Vitamix sells in the C-Series and G-Series. They are top of the line, well made, and designed to last a lifetime.

There’s a great reason why they sell these two particular models by the truckloads. Truly, both are winners and there will be other reasons beside blender features and functions that usually makes someone choose one over the other, with price usually the deciding factor.

If the extra money isn’t a factor in your purchase decision, I’d recommend going with the Vitamix 7500 without hesitation. The advancements of this newer model are a massive improvement over the six year old 5200.

However, the money part of this equation can be a big hold up for some people. Spending an extra $80 on an already expensive appliance can be a bit hard to stomach. If that is the case, our recommendation is to take a look at the Vitamix Certified Reconditioned Next Generation model.

This certified, factory refurbished package contains a nearly brand-new Vitamix 7500, Professional Series 300, or Creations Elite, all of which are essentially the same base model. You’ll also receive a brand new container, tamper, and recipe book set. The difference here is that reconditioned Vitamix models only ship with a five-year warranty, instead of the standard seven.

A factory refurbished package can save $90 over the cost of the new Vitamix 7500, which for most, is enough to justify the purchase of the next generation model.

Still not sure which Vitamix is right for you, read our full breakdown of all Vitamix models. Also come back to check on our progress for other blender comparisons. If you haven’t made up your mind that Vitamix is the right brand for you, check out our Blendtec vs Vitamix comparison.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to add them in the comments section below.

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53 thoughts on “Vitamix 5200 vs 7500”

  1. What does this mean “Label may reflect the following G-Series machines: Professional Series® 300, 7500, or Creations Elite”? I want the reconditioned 7500 but when I see that it makes me think I could end up with a 300 or Creations Elite. Is that right? Are they different?

    1. Adam @

      For the most part, the interior components and exterior designs of the Professional Series® 300, 7500, and Creations Elite are the same except for the name on the label found on the front of the blender base.

      The main difference between each of these different models are the items that are packaged with the new units for sale, for example, containers, cookbooks, and smoothie cups.

      All Certified Reconditioned Next Generation models go through an extensive process at the factory in Cleveland, Ohio to repair or replace any worn or defective parts, then are paired with a brand new container and accessories.

  2. I have a 5000 super that I bought in 2000. When seeing this comparison I am thinking of upgrading to new one. It still works well only bad thing is both containers (wet/Dry) are leaking.

    Vitamix said something about delamination causing the containers to leak. I heard they have a trade in/up program so if it costs almost the same to upgrade as it does to replace the containers
    I will go for it.. replace containers would be around $300 and upgrade I think is around $350.

    To anyone looking to get a Vitamix I say get it. Blows away ANY blender. It does what they say and more. Have had this one for 15 years and still love it. One of the reasons it cost so mush is because it is comercial grade made not cheaply made. How many blenders work for 15 + years????

    One happy vitamix owner.
    Brian Perry

    P.S. Does the new containers not delaminate like the old ones do of is that issue been resolved. Containers held up for 13 years before problem with leaking.

    1. Adam @

      Hi Brian! Sorry to hear about the containers. I have heard of the older ones starting to leak, but 13 years is a pretty good run.

      You’re right on about the cost of replacing the containers versus upgrading to a newer model. Trading in your old 5000 will get you $100 rebate that you could then put towards a newer model. Here’s some information about the trade in program.

      You might also want to try your luck at selling it yourself. Ebay has a few 5000 models for sale right now and prices seem to be quite a bit higher than $100.

      As far as the newer containers, there have been some reports of issues with leaks but I haven’t experienced it myself.

  3. Thank you for the comparison. This article has helped clear up a few questions I had. One more question. The Vitamix website shows optimum batch sizes for each series and shows a Large batch size is optimum for the G-series. I was pretty much sold on the G-series Professional series 750 and after reading your comparison it helped seal the deal. However, I’m just starting out blending and will probably be making personal drinks for myself to start out. Will the 750 work for my smaller 12-20 oz servings as well? I’m that worried about the extra $100 or so, as I want to get the best blender I can so it will last us into the future.
    Thank you for your help.

    1. Adam @

      For smaller batches, the G-series container won’t give you the best results. If you can afford it, I’d recommend purchasing an additional, smaller container. The 32 oz wet container would be perfect for smaller recipes.

      1. Wow, that was quick! Thank you.
        Would the 48 oz wet work okay as well? Or should I go with the 32 oz. I’ve read some customer reviews that the 32 oz container was ‘wobbly’.

        1. Adam @

          Yes, the 48 oz wet container would work great for smaller recipes, also. Both of these containers are the Classic design, so they have more narrow dimensions.

  4. This may make you laugh, but, since I have never updated, what can these new ones do that my old vitamix with the reversible blade can’t do? Still running strong!! :) I have the 3600 plus unit.

    1. Adam @

      First, I have to say that this is awesome! I’ve heard many stories about Vitamix machines that have been passed down from generation-to-generation, and it’s great to hear yours is still running strong.

      I’m not terribly familiar with the 3600, since it is a fairly old model, but I’d venture a guess that it can do much of the same stuff that the new models can do. However, I would bet that the newer models are a bit quieter and have larger containers from what I’ve researched online.

  5. Hi,

    Right now I am using 6300 Model and is there a huge difference between 7500&6300.

    Do you suggest to go for 7500? Any advise is appreciated.

    Thank You in advance, RK.

    1. Adam @

      The differences between the 6300 and the 7500 would be similar to what I’ve outlined above, with the 6300 being a classic model (similar to the 5200) but with the preprogrammed settings.

      If you’re happy with the 6300 and find the preprogrammed settings useful, I’d suggest you stick with that.

      Hope that helps!

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