Vitamix’s Ascent Series Blender Review

Vitamix is one of the leading manufacturers of high-performance blenders that feature built-in timers, wireless connectivity, and different containers that are suitable for either at home or on the go. The Vitamix Ascent series of blenders by Vitamix offer their consumers the same versatility and power that they are used to but have included additional features and benefits that you will love.

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Why Choose Vitamix?

Vitamix is the smarter choice when it comes to a blender that is built to last. Vitamix blenders typically last the average household three times longer than other popular blender models. Each Vitamix blender also comes with up to ten-year warranties which provide you with the absolute best value for the money you are spending.

Vitamix blenders are also easy to clean, and the containers are self-cleaning, as well as dishwasher safe. The variable speed controls, automated program settings, and built-in timers also provide you with a new and full range of different textures that you can accommodate for anything from chunky salsas to smoother textured drinks and smoothies. You can take full control over what you are blending and how much and how long it is blended.

The motors used in Vitamix blenders are also designed to maintain torque and cool temperatures at any speed you are using. You can blend hot or cold substances for longer periods of time without having to bring the substance to room temperature before putting it in the blender. The blade’s friction heat technology works to bring the mixture to the right serving temperatures from right inside of the container that is being used.

Advantages of Vitamix Blenders

There are several advantages to owning a Vitamix blender over the competitor’s blenders. Vitamix blenders provide power, speed, durability, and warranties to each consumer.

Power: Each blender includes a powerful motor that can reach speeds of up to 240 mph, which makes your blending session easy, fast, and convenient. It can crush vegetables and nuts or can blend ingredients for the smoothest texture you want.

Speed: The variable speed controls on Vitamix blenders allow the user to decide how long they want to blend the ingredients and at what speed and intensity. You can adjust the settings to chop or grind or blend all of your chosen ingredients.

Durability: Vitamix blenders feature metal to metal coupling between the container and the base of the blender which provides you with a more durable and strong machine that is built to last several years of use while always exceeding your expectations.

Warranty: The warranty only covers blenders that are used in household applications. It is recommended that once you receive your blender, you go online and register it so that if you need to use the warranty, you can get faster and more immediate help and service regarding any problems or concerns you have with your new blender.

Ascent Series

VItamix’s new Ascent Series of blenders combines their sleek design with convenience and high-performance which offers you the perfect kitchen appliance to fit your lifestyle. Currently, the Ascent Series includes the A2300, A2500, A3300, and A3500 blenders. The first two models come with a variety of color options including gray, white, black, and even red. The other two models do not come in red.

Meet The New Vitamix Ascent

Every one of the blenders in the Ascent Series comes equipped with the same power and versatility that you have come to expect from Vitamix. Some have touchscreens while others have switches. Some have automated blending, while the others give you total and complete control over how you blend.

The biggest difference you will find between the different Ascent Series blenders by Vitamix are the available colors and features for each model. If you want a blender with a touchscreen, program modes, and manual control, then the A3500 Ascent model would be right for you. The A2500 also has program modes and manual control, but it uses a knob and physical switches in place of the touchscreen feature.

The Ascent Series Blenders also all come with full ten-year warranties instead of the usual five or seven-year warranty that Vitamix offers with their other blenders.

New Features of the Ascent Series Blenders

Several new features have been added to Vitamix’s new line of blenders to provide you with an even better and higher performing blender. Among these new features, you will find:

Time Display


The time display is a digital timer and can count the seconds and minutes of all your manual blends. It can also be timed so that the motor will automatically stop blending when it hits the six and a half minute mark if you are using the large 64-ounce container. If you are utilizing one of the smaller containers, then the time will vary according to the size of the container that is being used.

New Lid and Easier to Clean


The new lid that was designed for the Ascent Series of blenders was designed to provide a tighter and more secure fit. It will help to prevent any thinner liquids from leaking out. The blenders are also dishwasher safe. The blenders have been easy to clean by simply rinsing them with warm and soapy water, but if there are more stuck on substances that require a bit more cleaning and elbow grease, you can now put the containers into the dishwasher.

Digital Knobs


Two of the models in the Ascent Series (A3300 and A3500) include a digital knob, rather than a manual knob. The knob can easily click between the settings and every time that the blender is stopped, the speed setting will automatically reset back to one. This alleviates any issues you may have if you were to turn the blender back on and forget that you had left off at a higher setting. It helps prevent accidents, spills, and messes. The digital knob goes from one to ten in half intervals.

Redesigned Containers

One of the other great differences between the new Ascent Series and the older blender models are the redesigned containers you can find. These new containers offer improved pouring capability, a clear and tighter locking lid, a lid plug that includes measurements.


Major Differences

Below we’ve identified the major differences between all four blenders. There are of course more differences than the ones we’ve identified below, but think of the list as the key reasons why you’d choose one over the other.

Vitamix Ascent A2x00 vs A3x00

There are 2 big differences between the A2x00 and A3x00 blenders. They are the knobs and the screens.

When looking at comparisons, the following shown below can be compared with one another:

  • A2300 vs A3300
  • A2300 vs A3500
  • A2500 vs A3300
  • A2500 vs A3500


  • ​A2300 and A2500 Blenders have a manual knob
  • A3300 and A3500 blenders have a digital knob


  • ​The A2300 and A2500 have physical switches
  • The A3300 and A3500 have a Touchscreen

Vitamix Ascent Ax300 vs Ax500

There is only one major difference between the Ax300 and Ax500 blenders are the controls. The two choices are manual controls or auto-recipe programs controls.

Different model combination comparisons are shown below:

  • A2300 vs A2500
  • A2300 vs A3500
  • A3300 vs A2500
  • A3300 vs A3500


  • ​A2300 and A3300 Blenders use manual controls only
  • A2500 and A3500 blenders have manual controls but also have the very handy auto-recipe programs.

Vitamix Ascent Models

Vitamix Ascent A2300

The Ascent A2300 Series Blender comes in four assorted color options including Black, White, Slate, and Red. This blender also comes with a standard ten-year warranty at no additional cost to the consumer. The warranty will cover all parts, performance, labor, and two-way shipping.

Ascent A2300
Dimensions11 x 8 x 17 inches
Electrical Ratings120 V, 50-60 HZ, 12 Amps
Weight11.86 pounds
Cord4 feet

Key Features

Variable Speed Control: This feature allows the user to adjust the speed easily

Pulse Feature: Layer coarser chops with smoother purees

Built-In Wireless Connectivity: The base will automatically adjust the maximum blending times for the container

Digital Timer: The timer is built-in, so there is no need to guess at how long you have been blending or mixing

Self-Detect Containers: Wide range of compatible size containers for more customized blending options

Meet The New A2300​ (video by Vitamix)


The Ascent A2300 may often be referred to as an entry-level Vitamix blender, but it comes at an affordable price and still offers the ten-year warranty and the excellent Vitamix quality and service you have come to expect.

The Ascent A2300 can also be paired with any self-detect containers, and there is a large selection of compatible container sizes that can help you build a customized blending system to fit any needs you may have. You can also find new containers such as the Blending Cup Starter Kit. This package contains one blade base, and two 20-ounce blending containers complete with spill-proof lids. These containers are easy to store because of the tapered design so they can fit easily into a cup holder or in the door of the refrigerator.

All of the containers are BPA-free and are insulated so that your cold drinks will stay cold for longer. They are also dishwasher safe and easy to clean, and the blades are designed for durability and longevity. The laser cut blades are made from the hardened stainless steel that is used for other Vitamix Blenders.

You can also purchase the Blending Bowl Starter Kit which allows you to make your favorite salsa, dips, or dressings quickly that can then immediately be stored, served, or packed for a healthy lunch.


It is important to note that the Ascent model of blenders are not compatible with other previous containers. The Ascent Series comes with their own line of containers with Self Detect Technology.

According to user reviews, another disadvantage to the Ascent A2300 is that it is not suitable for someone who is only going to make smaller quantities at a time. The blender is better suited for larger capacity recipes. It also may take some time to get used to the new features and the controls, especially if you are not familiar with the Vitamix line of Blenders.

Vitamix Ascent A2500

The Ascent Series A2500 Blender comes in four different color options including Black, Red, Slate, and White. It also features three different program settings, and you can automatically adjust to the container size that you are using. If you purchase the Ascent Series A2500 Blender, you will receive the motor base, a 64-ounce Low-Profile Container, a Low-Profile Tamper, and an Ascent Series Cookbook.

Ascent Series A2500
Dimensions11 x 8 x 17 inches
Electrical Ratings120 V, 50-60 Hz, 12 Amps
Weight11.86 pounds
Cord4 feet

Key Features

Program Settings: Three different settings to automate your recipes.

  1. ​Smoothies
  2. Hot Soups
  3. Frozen Desserts

*This is the key feature that differentiates the A2500 vs A2300

Variable Speed Controls: You are in control over how you blend and the kind of texture you want

Built-In Wireless Connectivity: The motor base has the ability to automatically detect the size of the container you are using and will then adjust the program settings and maximum blending times accordingly

Digital Timer: The digital timer is a convenient way to keep track of how long you are blending, and it also aids in helping you perfect the texture, every time

Uses Self-Detect Containers: The new Self-Detect Containers come in compatible sizes and can help customize your individual blending experience

Meet The New A2500​ (video by Vitamix)


All of the above key features of the Ascent A2500 can help you create a more customized blending experience that is suited to your individual tastes and preferences. The program settings allow for more customization and control over the way you are blending and aids you in achieving the desired texture. The built-in wireless connectivity allows for fewer mistakes because it can automatically detect the size of the container you are using.

With your purchase of the Ascent A2500, you will receive the motor base, low profile tamper, a 64-ounce profile container, and the Ascent Series Cookbook.

Both the A2300 and A2500 both have a more simplistic and minimalistic design, the manual dial knob, and a digital control panel display. The power that these blenders are equipped with has not changed since the last blender designs. However, the added wireless connectivity technology makes them stand alone as new and improved.


The Self-Detect containers that were specifically designed for these blenders do not come standard with each purchase. Rather, they are an additional accessory you can purchase separately.

Another disadvantage is the overall price for the blender and the additional self-detect containers. They are high-quality and do not come cheap.

Vitamix Ascent A3300

The Ascent Series A3300 Blender comes in only two color choices. These color choices include Black Diamond and Pearl Gray. There are many key features to this blender that set it apart from the first two models including the touch interface and the programmable timer. As always, you will also receive a ten-year warranty with your purchase of the Ascent Series A3300 Blender.

Ascent Series A3300
Dimensions11 x 8 x 17 inches
Electrical Ratings120 V, 50-60 Hz, 12 Amps
Weight11.86 pounds
Cord4 feet

Key Features

Touch Interface: This blender comes equipped with touchscreen controls, and its sleek and simple design is easy to wipe clean

Variable Speed Control: This feature allows you to regain control over your blending and even includes the pulse feature so you can achieve your desired texture

Built-In Wireless Connectivity: Like the other Ascent Series blenders, this blender also allows the user the freedom from adjusting blending times because it automatically does it for you

Programmable Timer: The timer is built-in and will help prevent under processing or over processing. You can manually set the timer to your desired time, and the machine will automatically shut off once the timer is done

Self-Detect Containers: You can add the self-detect containers for a more customized blending experience for your many recipes

Meet The New A3300​ (video by Vitamix)


When you begin to compare the Ascent Series A3300 to the other blenders in the series, you will see that the added features of the touch interface and variable speed control help you to achieve the best results for your recipes.

The Ascent Series A3300 is a commercial grade blender that you can use in your home with a lot of power and the ability to provide your recipe with precise texture and consistency. The stainless-steel blades effectively blend your ingredients while maintaining the ingredients nutritional value such as their vitamin and mineral content.

It also comes with a see-through jar and lid so you can better monitor the blending process and it also has a lid plug that can also double as a measuring cup. Finally, you have the convenience of a mess-free pouring spout that eliminates messes and spills.


A few disadvantages to the Ascent Series A3300 are that there are no program settings available for this model and some users have also reported that there have been issues with the closing mechanism of the lid.

Finally, as with the other blenders in the series, the price is much higher than a standard household blender, and you must purchase the self-detect containers separately.

Vitamix Ascent A3500

The Ascent Series A3500 is the last blender in this series that we will be reviewing. The A3500 comes in three assorted color options including a brushed stainless metal finish, graphite metal finish, and white. They have included the latest technology and innovation to bring you a powerful blender for home use that is just as strong and versatile as a commercial blender.

Ascent Series A3500
Dimensions11 x 8 x 17 inches
Electrical Ratings120 V, 50-60 Hz, 12 Amps
Weight14.92 pounds
Cord4 feet

Key Features

Program Settings: This blender comes with five different program settings so you can set them and walk away for added convenience

  1. ​Smoothies
  2. Hot Soups
  3. Dips & Spreads
  4. Frozen Desserts
  5. Self Cleaning

* This is the key feature that differentiates the A3500 vs A3300

Touch Interface: The touchscreen controls and variable speed controls provide the user with more control and customization

Built-In Wireless Connectivity: Like the other blenders, the base can automatically detect the container and adjust the settings accordingly

Programmable Timer: You can set the timer to the length you want, and the machine will automatically turn off when the blending process is complete

Self-Detect Containers: All Ascent Series Blenders come with the option of purchasing the self-detect containers

Meet The New A3500​ (video by Vitamix)


The Ascent Series A3500 Blender comes equipped with ten variable speed controls as well as a digital timer. This powerful blender also provides improved pulse functionality and an improved motor. Every control on the Ascent Series A3500 Blender is included in the touchscreen option, except for the variable speed control feature.

The A3500 also comes with five different program settings that can accommodate a variety of different recipes including frozen recipes, smoothies, dips, and hot soups. The pulse feature allows you to maintain the desired texture for each recipe which also offers more levels of customization for the user.


The biggest disadvantage to the Ascent Series A3500 Blender model is that currently there is only one size that is available to use. The containers from the other Vitamix blender models that do not include NFC tags will not work with the A3500.

Finally, the A3500 is the higher priced option of all the Ascent Series Blenders. However, it offers high-quality, functionality, and versatility for all your blending needs.

Key Feature Comparison of Each Model

Metal BaseNoNoNoYes
Color OptionsBlack, Red, Slate, WhiteBlack, Red, Slate, WhiteBlack Diamond, Pearl GrayBrushed Stainless Metal Finish, Graphite Metal Finish, White
Touchscreen FeatureNoNoYesYes
Programmable SettingsNoThreeNoFive
User Countdown FeatureNoNoYesYes
Variable SpeedYesYesYesYes
Pulse FeatureYesYesYesYes
Comes in four different colorsComes in four different colors
Variable Speed FeatureFeatures three programmable settings
Pulse FeaturePulse Feature
Variable Speed Feature
Comes in two different colors (not 4)Comes in three different colors (not 4)
Touchscreen FeatureTouchscreen Feature
User Countdown FeatureUser Countdown Feature
Variable Speed FeatureVariable Speed Feature
Pulse FeaturePulse Feature
The base is metal (the only Ascent with this feature)
Five Programmable Settings (the Most of the Ascents)

After comparing all the Ascent Series models, you will see many more features and settings with the A3500 than the other models. The first two models are more entry level and come at a lower price but are still just as versatile, powerful, efficient, and durable as the others in the series.

Dimensions and Weight

If you pay attention to the dimensions and weights of the models, you will notice that there really is not much difference between the four. However, when compared to other blenders by Vitamix that are similar, you will find that the Ascent Series blenders are a quarter of an inch shorter.

Power Cord Length

The power cords on the Ascent Series blenders are all four feet in length. The cord length for the other Vitamix blenders, like the C and G-Series models, are all longer and come in at six feet. But all of the blenders allow you to be able to wrap up the cord and tuck it away when it is not in use, so it is easy to move if you need to get closer to an outlet.

Speed Settings

The speeds of all the Vitamix blenders are about the same when it comes to the maximum power. However, the minimum speeds of the Ascent Series blenders is just a bit lower, but it is barely noticeable and does not make much of a difference.

On and Off Switch Location

The Ascent Series blenders have an on/off switch that is located on the bottom right side of the blender and they also have a small lip that helps protect the switch from spills.

Digital Knobs

There are only two models in the Ascent Series that have the digital knobs, and they are the A3300 and the A3500. While it is still a physical knob, it maintains an absolute position and the settings on the blender will reset to one whenever it is turned off. You do not have to worry about having an accident if you were to turn the blender on, forgetting that you were still on the higher setting that you were previously using.

NFC Certificates

The Ascent Series blenders are equipped with self-detect technology and have embedded NFC certificates. When you screw on one of the self-detect containers, the data from the container is sent to the blender through the NFC. It is the NFC certificate that allows the Bluetooth connectivity to switch on which can then be linked to a device on your smartphone so that the recipes can be adjusted according to the ingredients of each recipe. 140 different parameters can be transmitted and they all depend on the attachment that is being used and the settings on the blender.

How to Determine Which Ascent Blender Is for You

Before you purchase your new Ascent Series blender, it is important that you think about the features that will best suit your needs and preferences. Consider the controls, designs, and performance abilities between each and see if they match up to your expectations of the perfect blender for your household.

The available control options are the variable speed controls, the touchscreen and digital controls, pulse control, and the pre-programmed and automatic blend cycles. Keep in mind that if you have more speeds and settings to choose from, it is easier to regain control over your blending and you can better customize your recipes to obtain the texture you desire for each recipe.

Preprogrammed settings help to ensure consistent results and also award the user the ability to walk away while the blender works. You do not have to stand there and monitor the blending process. Remember, it may take some time before you get the settings right and can align your recipe with the right process and ingredients. The preprogrammed settings allow for freedom and versatility.

Vitamix Model Comparison

The Vitamix C-Series and G-Series Blenders were released back in 2012 and were released with an updated design. The new designs allowed for better chopping capability, better airflow, and even sound muffling. These two blender models had standard and no variable speed as well as standard variable speed. After these models, Vitamix came out with its Professional series of blenders that also included presets. As the new models came out, they were each updated with these new features to offer consumers an easier experience and more durability, versatility, and control.

The Ascent Series took all of these considerations into mind and again went even further and applied all the new technological advances they could to the new models to improve on an already brilliant design and high functioning blender.

Vitamix Ascent Reconditioned

As of May 2017, there are no reconditioned or refurbished versions of the Ascent blenders available. In time we should see them come on the market. Keep checking back for updates.​

Final Word

Vitamix provides the latest technology and innovation and their new Ascent Series blenders have new and sleeker designs, the same amazing blending power, and additional features that provide you with the convenience you crave, the control you want, and the other features you would expect when purchasing a high-end blender.

The new ten-year warranty that comes at no additional cost to you also provides you with the added piece of mind that you need when making your investment in such a versatile and powerful kitchen appliance. Previous warranties on other Vitamix blenders only carried five or seven-year warranties. Also, the warranty will cover the shipping charges both ways and also go as far as offering a first-time replacement for any damaged items.

Deciding which blender to purchase comes down to the amount you want to pay and the features you want to get for that money. The A3300 and the A3500 provide you with the touchscreen control and the digital knob, while the A2300 and A2500 lack these deluxe features.

If you are more interested in preset program modes, then the A2500 and A3500 would be the best choice for your household. All four blenders in the Ascent Series come with the wireless connectivity that uses NFC technology to determine which containers are being used. Keep in mind that these containers are not compatible with other Vitamix blenders and the self-detect containers are not included in your purchase but should be purchased separately.

All of the Ascent Series blenders also include the new timer display feature in which the motor will automatically stop after the set time. The A3300 and A3500 also provide you with the ability to set the time manually.

The Ascent Series will also be coming out with additional container sizes that provide you with more variety. The new features included with the Ascent Series models are wireless connectivity, timer display, a clear lid with better locking mechanisms, fully dishwasher safe containers, and sleeker and more clean and sophisticated designs that will fit nicely into any kitchen. These are all big reasons it would be wise to choose the Ascent Series over other Vitamix blenders like the Legacy models.

The Legacy models are older versions and do not have nearly as many updated and deluxe features as the Ascent Series provides. Due to all these improvements and the Ascent Series new deluxe features, Vitamix continues to hold their highly-regarded spot when it comes to providing high-quality blenders that pack all the power of a commercial blender but are designed for household use.

In Summary

Why Buy The Vitamix Ascent?

  • The A2300, A2500, A3300, and A3500 are Vitamix’s latest and greatest blenders.
  • 10 Year Warranty is standard! The longest warranty in the industry.
  • Self-Detect Technology! It’s revolutionary. No other blender has this yet.
  • Cup or Container: Any 4 of these blenders can use a regular container or a single-serve cup. Convenience!
  • Extended Payment Plan: All 4 qualify for Vitamix extended payment options

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