Vitamix Creations Elite Blender Review

The Creations Elite is the newest member of the Creations Series from Vitamix. This model finally brings the updated base design found in the Vitamix 7500 and Professional Series 750 models to the Creations Series lineup. It is a member of the G-Series (NextGen) line-up of blenders.

The redesigned base and more powerful motor are paired up with the compact 48 oz container to make this a completely unique package that you’ve likely seen featured on QVC as their TSV in the past.

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Creation Elite

The unique combination of this Creations Elite package means that this one measures up a bit differently than most Vitamix models. The newly redesigned base measures 7.7″ wide, by 9.4″ deep, and 17.5″ high with the 48 oz container stored on top. It weighs in at a hefty, 11.7 lbs and comes with the same, standard 6 foot cord, which can be coiled up and stored neatly beneath the blender base.

Surprisingly, the Creations Elite is only offered in one color, black, if purchased direct from Vitamix, but is available in five additional colors (red, white, cinnamon, blue, and espresso) if purchased through QVC.

As part of the Creations Elite package, you’ll receive the Creations cookbook, a Let’s Get Started DVD, a mini tamper to fit the smaller 48 oz container, and as an additional bonus, an insulated stainless steel smoothie cup.

The Eastman Tritan™ container

48 oz container

One thing that stands out about the Creations Elite is that it comes with the smaller 48 oz capacity container. It is currently the only model sold by Vitamix that pairs the old container design with the newly redesigned base and it looks a bit awkward.

The shorter profile of the 48 oz container means that you should have no problem storing the unit as one piece under your standard kitchen cabinet. This is one of the biggest complaints we see with the Vitamix, it is extremely tall when paired with the older model, 64 oz containers.

As with the rest of the containers offered by Vitamix, this one is made of shatterproof, BPA-free plastic, and is extremely easy to clean. Just fill the container halfway with warm water, add a few drops of dish soap, let it run on high for about a minute, then rinse, and let dry.

The Motor

The Creations Elite is the first model sold through QVC to come with the 2.2-peak horsepower motor. This is the same rating as the motor found in the Vitamix 7500 and is capable of reaching 270 miles per hour, or 28,000 revolutions per minute, at full power.

Also, since this model uses the newly redesigned base, it is also significantly quieter than the earlier models. There’s no doubt that this model is still noisy, but the difference is a welcomed change.

The Controls

Unsurprisingly, the controls on the Creations Elite are identical to those found on the 7500. It comes equipped with an few small updates from the previous models, but uses the same familiar switch and dial configuration.


You’ll find a power on/off toggle, a variable speed dial, with speeds from 1-10, and a pulse toggle. This pulse toggle gives you the ability to quickly turn the blender on and off making chopping easier by allowing you to work in short bursts.

Our Conclusion

This is a tough one, but we’d recommend taking a look at the Vitamix 7500 and comparing these two models. For nearly the same price, you could purchase a new brand 7500 and the smoothie cup, and get the redesigned 64 oz container with an additional 2 years of warranty coverage.

In my honest opinion, I don’t see the appeal of the older, smaller 48 oz container in this case and would recommend looking into other the options instead.

Even if you are comparing this package at the QVC special offer price, which is significantly cheaper than the price advertised on the Vitamix website, you should consider purchasing a Certified Reconditioned Next Generation model for $439, which is basically brand new and comes with a 5 year warranty.

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  1. Darlene Charles

    Can I use my Vitamix Creations Elete as a juicer? Or would i have to purchase a juicer separate?

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