Vitamix Creations Turbo Blender Review

Vitamix quietly introduced another new model on their website recently named the Creations Turbo. The Vitamix Creations Turbo is a C-Series (Classic) blender similar when compared to the TurboBlend Two Speed package, but there are a few important differences.

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The Vitamix Creations Turbo is 20.5” tall with the 64 ounce container sitting on top of the motor base. The motor base measures 7.25″ wide, 8.75″ deep and weighs in at a little over 10.5 lbs. It has a standard 3-pronged power cord that measures 6 feet in length, but it can be wound up and stored beneath the motor base, which can help reduce countertop clutter.

This new model is currently available through the Vitamix website in only one color, black, but is available through QVC in seven colors, black, white, red, berry, cinnamon, cobalt blue, or slate.

This Vitamix Creations Turbo package includes both 64 ounce wet blade and 32 ounce dry blade containers, a Creations cookbook, a 101 Blender Drinks recipe book, Baking Made Simple recipe book, two tampers, and comes with a full, 5 year warranty.

Wet and Dry Containers

Vitamix wet and dry blades

Unlike the TurboBlend Two Speed model, the Vitamix Creations Turbo comes with two separate containers which gives you some extra versatility.

The larger of the two is a 64 ounce BPA-free Eastman Tritan™ copolyester container fitted with an ergonomic soft grip handle that makes pouring easy. The lid for the Eastman Tritan containers is Vitamix’s patented easy-off 2-part vented lid which features a removable twist-off lid plug to help prevent any spillage when adding ingredients during blending.

The additional container is a 32 ounce container specifically engineered for dry ingredients. It is also made of BPA-free Eastman Tritan™ copolyester material and comes with a specially engineered blade designed to process dry grains into fresh flours. This container retails for $144.00 when sold separately.

Vitamix wet and dry containers

The Controls

Vitamix Creations Turbo controls

Just like the TurboBlend Two Speed, the Vitamix Creations Turbo keeps the controls simple, with only two options. It features two switches on the front of the blender base, one for on/off and one for high/low speeds. To operate, you simply switch the machine on with the right hand switch and use the left hand switch to toggle between low and high speeds.

If you’re looking for simplicity, this setup might be great for you. There is no touchpad to learn or speed dial to select. It is very easy to operate.

Since the Creations Turbo model has no variable speed dial and only two speed settings, it does offer less flexibility over the processing speed and makes more difficult to create some recipes that need a finer control of the speed of the blades.

Our Conclusion

Although the Vitamix Creations Turbo is a relative newcomer to the Vitamix lineup, it is built using the same time-tested technology found in the TurboBlend model. Paired with the dry grains container, this package does offer the option of creating your own fresh flours from whole grains or even rice.

If a simple control setup and grinding dry ingredients are important to you, this package could be perfect, but isn’t a great deal when priced at $559. Purchased separately, the TurboBlend package ($399) and a dry grains container ($144) would only cost you $543. At this price, you’d be better off building your own package from the individual products, but at the special QVC pricing, it is actually a pretty good deal.

However, if you are interested in having the variable speed controls or don’t see yourself using the dry grains container, you can save $110 by purchasing the Certified Reconditioned Standard package for only $329, direct from Vitamix. And, all Vitamix Certified Reconditioned models still come with a full, 5 year warranty.

For a more detailed review of the Vitamix Certified Reconditioned lineup, take a look at our full article here.

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  1. Hello

    I got gift for my birthday a Vitamix Blender, the Creations Turbo. The Vitamix Creations Turbo is a TurboBlend Two Speed color red, two switches on the front of the blender base, one for on/off and one for high/low speeds. I used maybe 5 times and didn’t turns on, please maybe sometime can help me.
    I appreciate it.
    Raquel Moriki

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