Get Kids to Embrace Vegetables

Are your kids having a hard time eating vegetables? Then you probably have tried sneaking in some vegetables into your home blended smoothies. However, we think all kids have a special vegetable radar that detects the slightest taste of vegetables in anything you give them! (just kidding, but we really mean are the kids who don’t enjoy eating their vegetables)

It’s time to give yourself a little 101 blending lesson on how to make your vegetable filled smoothies taste better for you and your kids!

Here are some tips to consider when adding vegetables into your smoothies:

Go from this…

Picky eater

To this!

Healthy kids drinking smoothies
  • Try adding a small amount of you or your kid’s favorite 100% juice in first before adding the other ingredients to your smoothie.
  • Try adding a small slice of lemon or lime with the skin on it into your smoothie recipe.
  • Try adding agave, honey, yogurt or your favorite flavored soy or almond milk into your recipe.
  • Warning: the larger the amount of vegetables or strong vegetables such as celery being used, the harder it will be for the juice or other sweetener, to mask the flavor. We recommend using small amounts of vegetables into your recipe.

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