Vitamix Professional Series 300 Blender Review

One of the newer Vitamix models, the Professional Series 300, features the same, new technology as the Vitamix 7500. It belongs to the G-Series (Next Gen) line-up. The updates that this model has received, in addition to the exclusive Create cookbook, makes this model great for anyone interested in cooking like a real chef at home.

Professional Series 300

The Professional Series 300 features the newer, low-profile 64 oz container and the wider, shorter motor base. These design updates makes this model three full inches shorter than older Professional Series models and it also includes sound dampening enhancements helping to make it quieter than its predecessors.

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The newer design leads to a few changes in the overall measurements of the Professional Series 300. This model is shorter, only 17.5″ tall, wider, 7.7″ wide, and deeper, 9.4″ deep, than the CIA Professional Series, 200, or 500 models. The shorter stature will likely mean that you should have no trouble fitting this under a standard height, kitchen cabinet.

It features a slightly more powerful motor, 2.2-peak horsepower, compared to the 2-peak horsepower of the older models. This increase is necessary to push the larger blades in the widened container. The Professional Series 300 also comes equipped with the standard 6 foot cord, a newly designed tamper, and comes with either red or black motor bases.

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Chef Michael Voltaggio

The big difference between the Professional Series models and the standard Vitamix packages is the specialized cookbook and DVD. The Create cookbook is separated into two sections “Energize Your Weekdays” and “Entertain on Weekends”. Each section gives you specialized recipes that are perfect for the occasion from Vitamix’s own chefs.

The included DVD is hosted by Chef Michael Voltaggio from Top Chef, who walks your through how to use the blender and how to make some of his favorite recipes.

The redesigned Eastman Tritan™ container

New, lower profile 64 oz container

A welcomed revision to the Professional Series line is the updated, wider container. This container is still made of the BPA-free polycarbonate used on the older models, but it has been redesigned to give it a shorter, wider stance.

The wider container makes it easier to scrape thick mixtures, like peanut butter or hummus, out of the bottom with a spatula and it also helps ingredients blend more easily.

Redesigned 64 oz container blade

It comes paired with the standard 2-part vented lid which fits snuggly on top of the container and features a removable lid plug that makes it easy to add ingredients while the blender is running.

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The Motor

The motor that powers the Professional Series 300 has received a small upgrade over the older 2-peak horsepower version used in the older Professional Series models. It now contains a more powerful, 2.2-peak horsepower motor that is able to spin the bigger blades to a top speed of 270 miles per hour when at the high speed setting.

This model also features improvements to the sound dampening technology to make it much quieter than the older Professional Series models. It has been independently tested and is reportedly 40% quieter than the older designs.

The Controls

Professional Series controls

The controls of the Professional Series 300 are identical to the controls used on the Vitamix 7500. It uses the classic switch and dial configuration made popular by Vitamix.

There are two switches, one for on/off control and the other for a pulse control. Flipping the pulse will deliver a quick burst of additional power at the current setting to cut through tough ingredients.

The speed dial has numbers from one to ten, ten being the highest speed setting. It is usually recommended that all blending start on the lowest setting and increased slowly for a better blend. Starting the blender on the highest setting can sometimes cause the ingredients to fly up and stick to the sides of the container.

The Professional Series 300 model is offered as part of the Certified Reconditioned Next Generation package which will save you $120 over the cost of a brand new model.

Our Conclusion

If you’re in the market for a professional quality blender with recipes from the pros, the Professional Series 300 is a great choice. The newer design and increased power makes this version of the Professional lineup really stand out.

If you want to cook like a pro with the latest in kitchen technology, but don’t care for the pre-programmed settings found on the Professional Series 750, then this Vitamix model is a great choice for you.

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23 thoughts on “Vitamix Professional Series 300 Blender Review”

  1. I bought a Vitamix pro 300, 18 months ago. A few weeks later, while making a curry and putting a tablespoon of puree into the machine, the phone rang. After the call I turned on the machine with the sunken and not visible puree spoon inside the jug. The noise was horrendous and five seconds later, bang. It took me three days to clean my curried kitchen. I was very lucky to have avoided any injury whatsoever. As regards the jug I was astonished that although it had two sizeable holes beside each other it was still fully rigid and intact and secondly the less than quarter of an inch wide strip of the container between the two holes was similarly perfectly rigid and intact. This to me is a clear indication of the strength and quality of the jug. I rang Vitamix and told an exceptionally kind and considerate customer services lady of my sorry plight. As I waited to place my order for a new jug she asked me to hold the line for a moment. On her return she informed me that I was to receive a new jug free of charge courtesy of Vitamix, plus free shipping to Ireland. Wow! I use my Pro 300 daily for various foods hot and cold and it is beyond faultless. I have every confidence that this machine will blend and shred everything well into the future. excepting perhaps heavy spoons. My understandable bias towards the company on account of my unparalleled superior experience with the excellent, professional customer focused Vitamix customer services department in no way detracts from or influences my rating of the Pro 300.
    The product speaks for itself, 10 out of 10. Outstanding.

  2. The Model 750 vitamix pulse knob has has two functions. Standard pulse. Also, holding down the pulse knob reduces the speed of the machine which is very beneficial when adding ingreadents to hot soup. Releasing the pulse brings the machine back to full speed without affecting the cycle.
    Most other vitamix machines do not have this function.

      1. Adam @

        You are correct. Pushing down the pulse toggle while the blender is operating at high speed has no effect on the Professional Series 300.


    1. Adam @

      The preprogrammed settings aren’t necessary, but it does make it a little bit easier since the Vitamix will adjust speeds and shut itself off once it’s reached the end of the cycle.

      You can definitely still make all of the same things without the preprogrammed settings, but you’ll need to control the blender manually.

  4. I want to know the exact differences between the pro 300 & 700. You only seemed to mention the pre-programed settings. What are the others?? It couldn’t be that much different? They both do the exact same thing?

    1. Adam @

      That’s really the only difference! The Professional Series 300 and 750 are identical in terms of what’s under the hood and the overall design.

    1. Adam @

      The Vitamix Aspire is very similar to the Vitamix 5200 in features and capabilities. The Aspire model is sold in Canada, while the 5200 is the US equivalent.

      In terms of differences between it and the Pro 300, which is a newer Next Generation model, there are a few. First, the Pro 300 has a slightly more powerful motor, along with a newly-designed base. The more powerful motor is necessary because this model comes with a newer, wider container.

      The newer, Pro 300 model is shorter which helps it fit under a standard-height kitchen cabinet when stacked together for storage. This is great if you plan on using your Vitamix often and don’t want to have to store the parts separately.

      Finally, the Pro 300 has some additional noise dampening features which makes it a bit quieter than the older style models, so if this is a concern for you, I would definitely recommend the Pro 300 over the Aspire.

  5. I am interested in purchasing between the professional 300 and 750 but can’t quite understand the differences to justify the price? can anyone help

    1. The Professional Series 750 is the top-of-the-line Vitamix model that offers five pre-programmed settings, including smoothies, soups, frozen desserts, purees and even a self-cleaning option. The 300 does not have the ore programmed settings.

  6. Just purchased the vitamin pro 300 model from the BBC good food show. I am amazed- not a word I often use- at the versatility of this machine and it’s capability . I will now bore all my friends with chat about it – and appease them with the produce!

  7. Why the Professional 300 over the 7500? You seem to imply they are exactly the same, and I’m just wondering what the difference is. thanks

    1. Adam @

      Aside from the cookbook, getting started video, and the name on the front, the Professional Series 300 and the 7500 are exactly the same.

      The Professional Series line is more focused towards culinary enthusiasts, so the recipes will be a bit more involved than those in the 7500 cookbook. The video is also hosted by Chef Michael Voltaggio, so you’ll get some professional instruction about how to use the Vitamix.

        1. The Professional Series 750 is the top-of-the-line Vitamix model that offers five pre-programmed settings, including smoothies, soups, frozen desserts, purees and even a self-cleaning option.
          The 300 does not have these settings.

    1. Adam @

      There are quite a few differences between the 300 and 500 models. The 500 is the older style with taller container and 2 horsepower motor, while the 300 is a next generation model with the 2.2 horsepower motor and the wider, redesigned container and motor base. Also, while the 500 has the preprogrammed settings, the 300 does not.

      Personally, I think the newer technology and design of the 300 makes it the better model, plus it’s easier to clean out thick mixtures from the wider container. That said, if the preprogrammed settings are important to you, you’d want to go with either the 500 or Professional Series 750 model.

      Hope that helps!

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