Vitamix 6000 Blender Review

Vitamix recently introduced a new variation on their C-Series (Classic) blender called the Vitamix 6000. This new consumer model is a slight variation on the very popular Vitamix 5200 that was first featured on QVC as the “Today’s Special Value” on October 27th.

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Vitamix 6000

The Vitamix 6000 is 20.5” tall when the 64 oz container is sitting atop the motor base and the base itself measures 7.25″ wide, 8.75″ deep and weighs in at 10.5625 lbs. The combined height is typically a bit taller than standard cabinet height. This motor has a standard 3-pronged power cord and measures in at 6 feet, but can be wound up and stored beneath the motor base allowing you to leave out only as much as you need.

This new model is available through the Vitamix website in only one color, Black, but is available through QVC in eight colors (red, cinnamon, cobalt blue, creme, black, slate, turquoise, or white).

The Vitamix 6000 package also contains a Creations a flip-top beverage bottle, the Creations cookbook, and the patented Vitamix tamper.

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The Eastman Tritan™ container

The Vitamix 6000 comes with the classic, 64 ounce BPA-free Eastman Tritan™ copolyester container. It is fitted with an ergonomic soft-grip handle that makes pouring easy. The lid for the Eastman Tritan containers is Vitamix’s patented easy-off 2-part vented lid and features a removable twist-off lid plug to prevent any spillage when adding ingredients during blending.

Classic and Next Generation Vitamix containers

This classic container design is taller and more narrow than the newer, Next Generation container.

The Controls

This Vitamix 6000 comes with a new control configuration that has not been used on a Vitamix machine previously. Instead of the variable speed dial, made popular by the Vitamix 5200 or the preprogrammed settings found on the Professional Series 750, this model comes with a dial setting with preprogrammed time settings and a pulse toggle.

The settings are only labeled as times, and the cookbook will tell you which timed settings are best for which recipes. Here’s a quick breakdown of the times and recommended uses:

Vitamix 6000 controls

:20 Milkshakes, frozen cocktails
:30 Frozen desserts, fresh fruit smoothies
1:00 Nut butters, dressings, marinades
1:30 Whole food juices and smoothies
4:30 Creamy hot soups, fondues
6:30 Thick hot soups and sauces
Pulse Grate, chop, crush ice

This limited speed control setup makes it a bit more difficult to create some recipes, like salsas or guacamoles which require lower speeds. The blender essentially has one speed, high, so is a bit hard to create recipes with texture.

Our Conclusion

With only a 5 year warranty and limited speed control settings, I’d recommend taking a look at the certified reconditioned lineup. They are an excellent value and you can get the Certified Reconditioned Standard package for only $329, $70 less than the Vitamix 6000 offered through QVC, for essentially the same blender with the variable speed control settings.

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10 thoughts on “Vitamix 6000 Blender Review”

  1. The pulse button gives you the lower rpm’s for making chunks. It’s not automatic but you only have to tap it down a few times. On the juicing discussion, The Vitamix does not juice, it liquifies, keeping everything (fiber and nutrition locked in the solids). Juicers work by separating liquid from the solids (fiber, seeds, etc). Juicing gives a higher concentration of the nutrients found in liquid part of the plant). Each method for extracting nutrition has its benefits.

  2. Wow…I’m shocked hearing this about adding water to the vegetables to have a pure unadulturated juice. Upon advertising, the vegetables appear to be 100% juiced liquid without any solids ! I totally wasn’t aware of this. I don’t like adding water to my juices especially when I thought all along that Vitamix has the power to do so.

  3. Just received my Vitamix 6000. I really am just interested in juicing. My JackLalane Juicer for $99.00 is the best juicer. You cant get pure unadulterated juice from any blender. Vitamix should not say it juices because you HAVE to add water because the Vitamix creates a thick applesauce texture to any vegetable I try to juice. Vitamix 6000 can make smoothies. Vitamix is a blender it’s not a juicer. There isnt one simple carrit juice or vegetable juice recipe in the recipe book–proof its no juicer.
    Now if you dont mind adding water yes you can liquify a carrot into a juice but it doesnt taste good. It doesnt tastes as sweet and refreshing as a carrot juice extracted from an extractor type real juicer like Jack Lalane juicers.

    1. Adam @

      Janet, if you’re looking for a “pure unadulterated juice” recipe in a Vitamix, you’ll be hard pressed to find one. The Vitamix typically requires a little bit of water to help get things moving and blended thoroughly. But, you needn’t suffer through the “applesauce texture” if you want a thinner consistency.

      To get a true juice consistency, just strain your finished Vitamix juice through a cheesecloth or fine sieve to remove the solids, much like your Jack Lalane juicer does for you automatically. So it is possible, it just takes a bit more effort.

    2. Why would a Vita-mix smoothie be better for the majority of the populations health then a juice? If you do not have any intestines, or for some other reason are on a restricted fiber diet. Yes Jack l Lanes juicer is the way to go…. However if you are on a restricted sugar diet, that juice from a Jack l lane juicer is yummy because it is full of sugar minus the fiber and fat necessary to slow down the absorption of sugars. I have both appliances because they both serve different needs. Kind of like comparing apples to oranges.

      1. You CANNOT get the nutrition from a Vitamix that you get from a juicer. They are two different appliances used for two different things. Both are FANTASTIC!

  4. After taking a look at the certified reconditioned models, I decided to go with the standard programs package. It comes with the preprogrammed settings and variable speed and I ended up saving $150 over the cost of the 6000.

    Thanks for the tip!

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