Nutri Ninja Reviews

So you’re looking for a blender. And if you’re like all the other blender shoppers out there, you want something that will last, something that will get the job done and deliver on all its promises, and something that won’t cost a fortune. Now is that too much to ask?

We don’t think so. But with all the options available to consumers out there, you may be starting to get overwhelmed and frustrated. We get it. What a headache!

Let us make things a little simpler for you. If you were asked to name one brand of blenders that you’ve heard good things about before, it is very likely that the Nutri Ninja Brand has come up more often than some other brands out there on the market. But there are so many models. Where should you begin?

A great resource you should always rely on is product reviews. Nutri Ninja Reviews are available by the hundreds, for each and every model. So take a look at some of the models we’ve researched below. We’ve got all the details for you, all in one place.

Say goodbye to that headache.

Product 1: Nutri Ninja with Auto – iQ (BL482)

  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 15.5 inches
  • Weight: 11.9 pounds
  • Manufacturer: SharkNinja
  • ASIN: B00NGV3X2W
  • Item Model Number: BL482

This Nutri Ninja model has something called “Auto-iQ” and the significance of this feature is that it takes the guesswork out of blending. This technology boasts of intelligent programs where the pulsing action is uniquely timed. These blending and pausing patterns are what do the work for you, making your blended mixture the exact consistency you desire. Almost like a blender autopilot.

What else does this mean for you? It means optimal nutrient and vitamin extraction, great tasting and nutrient dense beverages, convenience at your fingertips, and the power to crush ice, whole fruits, and vegetables in seconds, making some of the creamiest and smoothest juices, smoothies, and purees you’ve ever had.

When you order one of these blenders, you will also receive a small 18 oz cup, a regular 24 oz cup, a jumbo 32 oz cup, Pro Extractor blades, three lids, an instruction book, and a 30 recipe inspiration guide.

Some added bonuses are that all three cup sizes are BPA free, the Nutri Ninja comes with a 1-Year Limited Warranty, and you can get it right now for as little at $89.99 on Amazon if you click the link above.


  • All fruits and vegetables are made into a very smooth consistency;
  • Seeds become a very fine dust or paste;
  • It comes at a decent price with a 1 Year Limited Warranty;
  • It takes up less than 36 square inches of counter space (the base is a tad smaller than six by six, and the widest spot is the attachment area, at six by six);
  • It is easy to clean and to use;
  • Its containers are BPA free;
  • The Auto-iQ allows you to “set it and forget it”;
  • Its easy on the eyes.

 I have had this blender now for a few months and have used it daily. I really love this thing blender and will continue to use it!


  • It is noisy;
  • It tends to move a little during blending;
  • You may find chewed-up plastic in your first drink.

Product 2: Nutri Ninja Pro (BL450)

  • Product Dimensions: 12.9 x 7.9 x 14.8 inches
  • Weight: 8.2 pounds
  • Manufacturer: SharkNinja
  • Item Model Number: BL450

This model is known for its nutrient and vitamin extraction, which gives better tasting and more nutritious drinks. Whole fruits, vegetables, and ice cubes are made smooth with this gadget Nutri Ninja Technology. Get the most out of your beverages with this Pro model that unlocks all the natural benefits that fruits and vegetables provide.

How is this possible? The Pro boasts 900-watts of professional power that breaks down fruits and vegetables for nutrient-rich juices. Its extractor blades effortlessly crush through ice, frozen fruits and vegetables, seeds, skins and stems for a smooth, even consistency no matter the ingredient combination. The lids make it easy to take your drinks with you on the go. All parts are BPA free and dishwasher safe, making for easy cleanup and safe drinking.

What do you get in the box? You get the 900 watt motor base, a 12 oz to-go cup, an 18 oz to-go cup, a 24 oz to-go cup, two lids, Pro Extractor blades, an instruction book, and a 30 recipe and wellness guide. Furthermore, it features pulse technology, comes with a 1 Year Warranty, and you can purchase it right now on Amazon at the link above for around $89.99.


  • It blends in about 5-10 seconds;
  • Your mixtures consistency is very smooth;
  • Two cups provide three full meals;
  • Cups easily store in the fridge;
  • It is not too noisy;
  • It is easy to clean;
  • It doesn’t take up much counter space;
  • It is very simple to use;
  • The smaller cups allow more efficient and smoother blending of foods;
  • The blades are small enough where your fingers won’t be harmed while cleaning;
  • It is easy on the eyes;
  • It is made from lightweight, durable plastic.

It works so well and exactly how I wanted it to. It gives a smooth consistency with absolutely no chunks whatsoever. I’ve blended lots of veggies, fruits (fresh and frozen), ice, seeds, nuts, made milkshakes…everything was perfect with no hassle! Cleanup is super easy since you can use the top rack of the dishwasher without any problems.


  • The lids are not leak proof;
  • Ridges on the inside of the cups make it hard to get every bit of the drink out.

 It LOVE the machine…the one thing that is really irritating is the fact that the threads are on the inside part of the cup. This means that when you put the drinking lid on it, the threads are full of blended liquid. You have to wipe the threads out and Screw it on… Even after you do that it will still leak! I am so disappointed because I like the performance of the machine but I can’t have my cup leaking all over the place.

Product 3: Nutri NINJA BL455 Professional 1000 watts Personal Blender

  • Product Dimensions: 12.5 x 9.2 x 9 inches
  • Weight: 6.7 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Ninja
  • ASIN: B00P2PFMV0
  • Item Model Number: BL455

This 1000 watt personal Nutri Ninja blender features Pro Extractor blades that combine with its powerful motor to break down whole fruits, vegetables, ice, nuts, and seeds into a smooth blend. Its high speed blade rotation and pulse technology make sure of that.

But what stands out most about this model is its personal size combined with its professional sized power. On-the-go never looked so simple. What do you get? Included with the 1000 watt motor base is a 12 oz to-go cup, an 18 oz to-go cup, a 24 oz to-go cup, Pro Extractor blades, two lids, and an instruction book.

All cups and blades are dishwasher safe and BPA free! So take your smooth, frothy, nutrient dense drinks on the go without a worry, especially because of the 1 Year factory warranty you get along with it. You can get all this for only $85.32 at the Amazon link above. As far as Nutri Ninja Reviews go with this model, check some out below.


  • It is easy to clean;
  • The motor lasts a long time;
  • There are no leaks;
  • It blends into a smooth consistency with ease;
  • The blades stay sharp even after heavy use;
  • It is made with quality parts;
  • It doesn’t take up much space at all;
  • It is nice to look at.

I’ve been using this daily for my morning smoothies. This blender has been great so far! The Ninja seems heavier [than the Nutri Bullet] and works a bit better on harder vegetables. A word of caution on all these appliances: do NOT add anything above the “fill” line or they WILL leak.


  • It can’t crush some seeds, like blackberry seeds;
  • The plastic cups wear down pretty fast.

 There is a rubber gasket down in the lid that is collecting grime from everything you make and it can be really hard to clean. You might not know it’s even there. It’s really hard to remove it to clean it so it often gets neglected.

Product 4: Nutri Ninja| Ninja Blender Duo with Auto-iQ (BL642)

  • Product Dimensions: 7 x 10 x 17.5 inches
  • Weight: 10.1 pounds
  • Manufacturer: SharkNinja
  • ASIN: B00NGV4E1G
  • Item Model Number: BL642

This Nutri Ninja model has Auto-iQ technology, and if you remember from an earlier model that features this same technology, it makes drink making effortless. Between its timed pulsing, blending, and pausing functions, you do almost no work. Whole fruits, vegetables, and ice are no match for the Pro Extractor blades that extract the optimal amount of vitamins and nutrients from foods. What’s more is that the XL 72 oz blender’s Total Crushing blades pulverize ice to snow in seconds. Just be mindful that the maximum liquid only capacity for the XL 72 oz Total Crushing blender is 64 ounces. An more than that and you will notice leaks.

It even helps determine the time needed to blend your drinks to perfection, complete with a digital countdown timer. But this is only one of the five Auto-iQ Intelligent settings available for you to choose.

What do you get in the box? A 1500 watt/2 hp motor base, a 72 oz pitcher with lid and pour spout, Total Crushing blades, a small 18 oz cup, a regular 24 oz cup, a jumbo multi-serve 32 oz cup, three lids, one Pro Extractor blade, an instruction book, an Auto-iQ Program Guide, and a 75 recipe cookbook. The best part? All jars, blades, and lids are BPA free and dishwasher safe. And a 1 Year warranty gives you peace of mind. Click the link above to find this product on Amazon for around $177.98.


  • It’s small in size;
  • It is very easy to use;
  • It is dishwasher safe;
  • It is ideal for individual or multi-serve portions;
  • It is powerful;
  • It blends very quickly;
  • It doesn’t move around while blending.

I’m really liking this blender. It will startle you the first time you turn it on because it’s pretty loud, but the suction cups keep it planted on the counter. If you are making a smoothie or margarita, it has a slow down/speed up function designed to power through ice or frozen ingredients.


  • It leaks, even if liquid is below the fill line;
  • It makes a lot of noise;
  • It doesn’t grind up seeds from blackberries or strawberries very well;
  • It is pricier than other similar models;
  • It has pressure build-up after blending.

You’ve got to be really careful when you’re opening this thing after blending. It tends to build up pressure during blending which causes the contents to sometimes explode when you unscrew it from the base. Like opening a bottle of champagne. I’ve learned to unscrew it slowly, but apparently not slowly enough this morning. I do really love this blender though and it really does the trick!

Product 5: Nutri Ninja Blender Auto-IQ Complete Extraction System 1000W Professional BL486

  • Product Dimensions: 15.2 x 8.7 x 13.7 inches
  • Weight: 10 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Ninja
  • ASIN: B013AL94GQ
  • Item Model Number: BL486

This 1000 watt professional Nutri Ninja Blender has Auto-iQ Technology that boasts timed, intelligent blending programs that take work off your plate. All you have to do is press one button and it’s done. A motor with 1000 watts has the power to crush through whole fruits, vegetables & ice easily and in no time at all. The Pro Extractor blades rotate at high speeds to liquefy ingredients so you get a smooth, nutritious drink every time. What makes this possible is its Total Crushing Technology and Frozen Blending that combine for creamy, smooth beverages in seconds.

So what comes in the box? You get your 1000 watt power base, two regular 24 oz cups, one professional stainless steel 24 oz cup that keeps drinks cold for up to four hours, an XL capacity 48 oz Nutri Ninja blender jar, and a recipe book. And, like all other Nutri Ninja models, all parts are BPA free and dishwasher safe. You can purchase this model on Amazon at the link above, with a 1 year warranty, for around $127.97.


  • It has a strong, powerful motor;
  • It pulverizes the smallest of seeds;
  • There are no leaks;
  • Clean up is easy;
  • It does all the work with Auto-iQ technology.

What I like about it is it has a built in safety shutoff if you overload the blender and cause stress on the motor. This way you won’t ruin your motor unlike the previous brand I was using which weakened and almost burned out the motor after only a few uses. The Auto IQ is great. I am very happy with this product.


  • It is on the noisy side;
  • Sometimes the suction cups aren’t enough to keep the unit securely in place while blending;
  • The motor tends to wear out quickly.

I have been extremely happy with this blender up until about 3 months ago. I’ve been finding that he force of the blending has started causing the cup/blender to move ever so slightly which then kills the power and stopping the blending. I can stop this by holding it down but I generally like to be making my coffee in the morning while my smoothie is being made.

Product 6: Certified Refurbished – Ninja Auto-iQ Nutri Ninja Blender, Platinum, Certified Refurbished

  • Product Dimensions: 12.2 x 9.5 x 9.5 inches
  • Weight: 7 pounds
  • Manufacturer: SharkNinja

Don’t let the name fool you, this Certified Refurbished Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ blender looks and works like new, besides a few possible minor cosmetic flaws. Its 1000 watt motor and Auto-iQ feature function just as if the blender was brand new. Like other Nutri Ninja models, its Pro Extractor blades break down whole foods and ice effortlessly.

As a Certified Refurbished Nutri Ninja blender, this product is tested and certified by the manufacturer or by a third-party refurbisher to look and work like new, with little to no signs of wear and tear. To be able to be resold, the blender must undergo functionality testing, inspection, reconditioning, and repackaging. Along with the blender you will be shipped relevant accessories, although they may be generic and not directly from the manufacturer.

There is a minimum 90-day warranty included as well. And if you’re worried about buying from a seller you don’t trust, rest assured that only select sellers who maintain a high performance bar may offer Certified Refurbished products on Amazon.

Some of the relevant accessories you receive include the motor base, an 18 oz cup, a 24 oz cup, Pro Extractor blades, two lids, and an instruction book. But the most appealing part of this product is its price. For just around $69.99 at the link above, you get a fully functioning Nutri Ninja blender and related accessories.


  • It blends all ice thoroughly;
  • It comes with two sizes of travel mugs with lids;
  • It is easy to clean;
  • Its cosmetic quality is great for being refurbished.

I have had this blender for just a few days and LOVE it so much! I wanted something to make smoothies other than our full size blender. I was torn be this and the Nutri Bullet. I’m glad I went with this blender instead. It fully blends everything so that I don’t have to deal with choking on hunks of ginger or frozen berries that didn’t make their way back to the blade. The auto IQ works great because it pauses the blending so everything resettles and blends again. Item arrived and looked brand new.


  • It can be noisy;
  • There are no measurement marks on travel cups;
  • It can be tricky to seal the lids the correct way to avoid leaks.


After all these Nutri Ninja Reviews, you may be almost completely sold on purchasing one of them, but there is one more simple question you need to ask yourself: What do I want most out of my Nutri Ninja blender?

Do you want unmatched power? A compact size? A lower price tag? The Auto-iQ feature?

Whatever your needs are, one of these blenders is sure to meet them.  And each has an average review rating of no less than 4.5 out of 5 stars. What does this mean for you? No matter which of these blenders you choose, you can be sure you’re getting one of the best customer approved blenders on the market. Furthermore, each comes with some kind of warranty lasting anywhere between 90 days and 1 year, giving you even more peace of mind.

And we know peace of mind is important to you. So take your pick, friends. We’re sure you’ll be satisfied with any of these choices. While each of these blenders has something unique to offer you, they all have one thing in common–they aim to please.

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