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We did our research spending way too many hours scouring the Internet for data, specs, and reviews. We decided to share our knowledge and narrow down the choices so you can easily select the best blender to buy for you.

Vitamix, Blendtec, and Ninja

Blender Reviews was started as a personal mission to help others achieve a healthier diet thru high performance blending of fresh vegetables and fruits. One of the inspirations for our personal journey for a healthier lifestyle came from one of Joe Cross' documentaries about weight loss thru raw vegetables and fruits. In it, he used a blender to consume vast amounts of raw produce. He not only lowered his weight, but reduced or eliminated prescription medicines. We were convinced there were real benefits by simply consuming more vegetables and fruits in one's diet.

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The Big 3


Vitamix is one the best known brands on the market for high performance blenders.
They’re an American business that started in 1949 and they’ve been making blenders ever since.

Built To Last

Easy To Use

Massive Power


They are known for building the most powerful blenders for the home kitchen. What makes Blendtec blenders one of the best?


Easy Clean Jar

Durable Safety Blade

Simple Touch Interface

Unbreakable Drive Socket

Ultra High Speed Motor


A marketing machine with innovative products

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Thank you for sharing this info. It has helped me make a decision and, like you, I am ready to make a change in the way I eat and I can’t wait to get a Vitamix to help me do that. I appreciate your time in doing this great website.
I’ve been doing some research before making a purchase and this site has been super helpful. Thanks for compiling all of this information! The blender comparison tool has been especially helpful :)

Blender Recipes

All of our favorite blender recipes in one place.

Immersion Blenders

Immersion blenders, also known as hand blenders, are a whole category unto itself.

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Real-time blender sales, product introductions, and other juicy healthy gossip

Blender Tips

High-performance blenders have  many knobs, buttons, timers, and functions, they can be a bit intimidating. But we’ve got a whole section dedicated to blender tips.

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