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You’ve come to the most reliable source for Vitamix sales since 2013!

Unlike traditional retail channels, Vitamix and Blendtec have very unique ways they distribute their products. Some you can get from Costco, Williams-Sonoma, and, but any other source you’ll seriously have to consider if the warranty will be valid if they’re not an authorized reseller.

Many often overlook buying direct from and, which brings some unique benefits by doing so.

Comparison shopping between different retailers can also be confusing, as some of the model names are different, even though they may be identical to another model sold thru a different retailer.

Follow below and we’ll make sure you don’t need to earn a PhD in Vitamix or Blendtec to get the best deal.

We use our longstanding partnership with both Vitamix and Blendtec to confidently let you know what is the BEST DEAL TODAY. Often times, you may be surprised.

On Sale At Vitamix

For now, the best deals on Vitamix blenders and accessories are done for now, but we can still recommend a few blenders to buy right now.

~~~~~ Under $300 ~~~~~

1) Vitamix Explorian Series Blender (reconditioned)

Only $289.95 with free shipping using our link. The main goal if you’re looking to buy a Vitamix in January is what is the best deal I can get right now? For our money, a Certified Reconditioned model is a best bet. Out of the ones they have in stock, for our money we’d highly the Vitamix Explorian series. We still have this on our countertop at home and use it weekly. It’s rock solid and does everything we need. You’ll love this blender at this price.

~~~~~ Under $400 ~~~~~

2) Vitamix A2500 Blender (reconditioned)

Only $399.95 with free shipping using our link. What the A2500 offers that the rock-solid Explorian Series blender recommended above doesn’t do, is that the A2500 belongs to the Ascent Series of blenders. This means you can use all of the new Self-Detect series of attachments like the Vitamix Food Processor and all the cool new containers. For just a little bit more money, this is our 2nd best pick for January.

On Sale At Blendtec

~~~~~ Under $300 ~~~~~

1) Blendtec Classic 575 (refurbished)

$319.95 with free shipping using BRPROMO coupon. While technically it’s a little bit above $300, we still recommend this model over the Total Blender Certified Refurbished at $279.95. It’s a more powerful blender and in our opinion, with a little bit more money.

~~~~~ Under $400 ~~~~~

2) Blendtec Designer 625 (refurbished)

$399.95 with free shipping using BRPROMO coupon. In our opinion, the Blendtec Designer series of blenders are their best models. Our #1 Blendtec is the Designer 725, but for January, if it were our money, we’d step down a bit and get the Designer 625. It’s a workhorse of a blender and super powerful.

By default Free Shipping isn’t included, be sure to manually type in “BRPROMO” to get Free Shipping.

Black Friday Deals

Our #1 time to buy a Vitamix or Blendtec blender!

The one time of year that they do have incredible sales is Black Friday. No doubt, this is the absolute best time of year to buy one of these blenders.

Vitamix Black Friday

Get it now! If you are shopping for a Vitamix, there is no better time all year to buy one. We’ve been tracking sales of Vitamix blenders for years and we can say, do not hesitate, do not delay, your best deal will happen during Vitamix Black Friday.

The best place to buy them, where you can’t find any other deals, is directly from The reason for this is many of the cheapest deals are from their vitamix refurbished blenders. The largest selection can only be found from directly from their website.

Blendtec Black Friday

Like Vitamix, this is the best time of year to buy a Blendtec blender. They slash prices and cut costs by offering their best deals directly on their website.

Does Costco Have Black Friday Sales?

Costco has a specific page setup just for Costco black friday deals. Costco currently carries Vitamix blenders but not Blendtec blenders.

The Vitamix blenders they do carry are usually 3-4 models only and they are usually bundled with other accessories to make a special bundle deal. We haven’t seen special sales just for Black Friday though.

In our experience, the best deals you ‘ll see all year for a Vitamix blender is at during Black Friday.

Cyber Monday

Our #2 favorite time of year to buy a Vitamix or Blendtec blender.

The supplies are usually less, color choices are limited, but it’s still our second favorite time of year to buy one of these high powered blenders.

Vitamix Cyber Monday Deal

Both Vitamix and Blendtec run Cyber Monday sales. Historically, Vitamix will have usually 1 blender they offer for one day only, Cyber Monday. Blendtec on the other hand usually runs a single sale between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, with no special blendtec blender sales on Monday.

Blendtec Cyber Monday Deal

Blendtec lately has been having a “Holiday” sale. So usually their Blendtec Black Friday sale also extends into the Blendtec Cyber Monday deal.

While that means there is plenty of time to get a Blendtec during this time period, I wouldn’t want too long.

Most of their lowest prices are on their Blendtec refurbished models. Being refurbished means there is limited quantities. When they run out, they’re out, and usually during this time period, they don’t come back until after the sale is done.

So, if you see a Blendtec refurbished model you like during the Blendtec Black Friday sale or Blendtec Cyber Monday deal, buy it on the spot. It may not be there when you come back for it.

Mothers Day Sale

Our #3 favorite time of year to buy a Vitamix or Blendtec blender.

The sale is usually pretty good. The Vitamix Mothers Day sale is a great time to gift mom a gigantic gift. I know alot of mom’s have it on their “wish list” of stuff they’d love to have but can’t justify buying it for themselves.

One catch is, make sure you buy it early enough to account for the shipping time.

Go on, make mom super happy on Mother’s Day!

Labor Day Sale

Vitamix Labor Day Sale

Vitamix usually has a labor day sale, its it pretty good. If you can’t wait for Black Friday, this is a good time to buy one. Selection will be limited, but if you can find one you like, go get it.

Blendtec Labor Day Sale

Blendtec is spotty for labor day. They may have a terrific sale, they may have a ho-hum sale. You’ll need to watch the top of this page to see what’s available during this time of year.

Fathers Day Sale

Vitamix and Blendtec, depending on available inventory, typically run Fathers Day sales every year. It’s a pretty good time of year to buy a blender from either one of them and it’s a great gift for dad.

You’d think buying a kitchen appliance for your dad would be pretty lame, but not one of these blenders. Men love horsepower, loud machines, and devices that can masticate, chew, and devour stuff!

Trust me, that’s what drew me to these two brands.

Buy your father either one and they’ll love you for it!


Vitamix Coupon. Blendtec Coupon. There’s got to be a better deal out there!

Let me tell it to you straight. We’ve been partners with Vitamix and Blendtec since 2013. Here’s the deal: There are no special coupons or hidden gems lurking on the Internet.

Don’t go to one of those “Coupon websites” with those spammy links.

The best deal year-round is Free Shipping, period.  

The second best deal is a Holiday Sale or a Monthly Sales for a particular model. That’s it.

Combine the monthly sales special with Free Shipping, and be confident you got the best price possible.

Buying Direct From The Manufacturer Benefits

  1. Free Trial! Vitamix is so confident you’ll enjoy the Vitamix blender, they will let you try the blender in your own home for 30 days. If you don’t want to keep it, return it, and they will even pay for shipping to send it back. Zero costs out of pocket!
  2. Payment Plans! Only buying direct from Vitamix can you get 12 or 18 payment terms at zero interest!
  3. Automatic Warranty Registration! When you buy direct, your product will automatically be registered. Preserving that fantastic 5 or 7 year warranty. And as of 2017, 10 year warranties on the new Ascent blenders.

I told my kids they should decide now, who will inherit the Vitamix.”     -Sharky, Mullica Hill, New Jersey, USA Benefits

  1. Free Trial! Blendtec has a fantastic 30-day policy to try one of their powerful blenders in your own home. Within 30 days, if you don’t want to keep it, return it. While they won’t refund the shipping costs to send it to you, or pay for the return shipping, it’s still a fairly risk free trial. And if you use the Blendtec coupon link below, that gives you Free Shipping to you, so in the end, if you decide to return it, you’ll only have to pay for the return shipping. That’s a pretty good deal!

Should I Buy From Amazon?

Amazon and especially for Amazon Prime members, it’s super attractive to buy your blender from them. If you’re getting a Ninja blender, absolutely, they don’t have a buy direct capability. They also have terrific prices and selection for Ninja blenders on their website.

But if you’re in the market for a Vitamix blender or a Blendtec blender, our favorite way to buy these blenders is directly from the manufacturer’s website.

We thoroughly trust Amazon as an online seller. 100%. When you purchase a Vitamix or a Blendtec, especially refurbished models, make sure the item is “sold by and shipped by Amazon”.

Why? One of the huge selling points of these blenders is the unheard of long warranty periods. As short as 5 years to as long as 10 years! You want to ensure your warranty will be valid and there is some discussion that buying from an unauthorized seller could make your Vitamix warranty or Blendtec warranty invalid.

If you do buy from Amazon, I always feel better knowing my seller is Amazon and not some other seller on Amazon that may not be authorized.

We will be updating this page EVERY MONTH for the latest sales specials, deals, and coupons, to get you the best price anywhere for a Vitamix blender or Blendtec blender. But as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas deals hit the Internet, we will update them as soon as we find out.

Should I Buy From QVC?

QVC is famous for having some great sales. Vitamix and Blendtec both sell blenders on QVC from time to time.

They usually bundle items differently from the standard models to make them unique. For example, they may:

  • Add in a different or additional cookbook
  • Add an additional blender container
  • Perhaps have different color selections

Should I Buy From Costco?

Like Amazon, we are frequent shoppers at Costco and just love them!

Costco has great prices on blenders. Like QVC, they usually have something slightly different from a standard model you can’t get anywhere else but at Costco.

The model of the blender may be the same as another blender you can get a, but just slightly different.

What they don’t have is a wide selection in models and colors.

In our opinion, you should first select the model and the color choice, and then, if they have it at Costco, go get it!

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