Vitamix CIA Professional Series Blender Review

The Vitamix CIA Professional Series is so versatile that it has earned the endorsement of the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) and is even used for training the next generation of gourmet chefs in their classrooms. Is belongs to the C-Series (Classic) line of blenders.

With its powerful motor and variable speed controls, this blender is capable of producing a variety of textures and ingredients used by the world’s leading chefs in their own restaurants.

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This blender is 20.5″ tall, is 7.25″ wide by 8.75″ deep and weighs 10.5625 lbs. The CIA Professional Series package comes with a motor base, in one of four colors (brushed stainless, onyx, platinum or ruby), housing a 2-peak horsepower motor fitted with a radial cooling fan and thermal protection to keep it from overheating.

Chef with the Vitamix

It also includes two cookbooks, the Create Recipes cookbook containing over 300 restaurant-quality recipes, including a section contributed to by professional chefs, and an additional recipe Recipes from the CIA Master Chefs, a collection developed in the 41 teaching kitchens across the Culinary Institute of America.

You’ll also receive an Getting Started DVD, featuring Chef Michael Symon which walks you through how to use the machine and shows you how to make several recipes in the cookbook.

The Eastman Tritan™ container

The Vitamix CIA Professional Series ships with the 64 oz patented Eastman Tritan™ container. This container is made from BPA-free copolyester plastic. The container has an ergonomic, soft grip handle that makes it especially easy to pour. The lid for the container is the easy-off 2-part vented lid and features a removable twist-off plug to which allows you to easily add ingredients while blending.

This container also comes with the patented Vitamix tamper which is helpful when blending very thick mixtures as they have a tendency to develop air bubbles above the blades which can prevent a complete blend.

Washing the container is extremely easy, all you need to do is fill the container half full with warm water and add squirt of dish soap, set the motor to a high for just a minute and let the blender clean itself. Simply rinse out the remaining soap with warm water and let it dry.

The Motor

The CIA Professional Series uses the same motor base as the 5200 model which was designed for Vitamix by Swedish engineers. This low-friction, ball-bearing motor has been built to last and is warrantied for 7-years. The motor has a radial cooling fans to keep the unit cool even at high speeds and is coupled with the Vitamix thermal protection system meaning that it will shut itself off before overheating and burning out the motor. This motor is a 2-peak horsepower, 1380 watt motor capable of spinning the blades from 11-240 miles per hour.

The Controls

Vitamix CIA Professional Series motor base

The CIA Professional Series is controlled by manual switches and a 10 level speed dial. The ‘soft-touch’ rubber switches are tough wearing and easy to handle, one turns the motor on/off and the other sets the speed to either variable or high.

This model does not have pre-programmed cycles meaning that you will need to select the right speed manually using the dial.

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Our Conclusion

Although the CIA Professional Series is very similar to the 5200 models, the additional extras that come with this package really make this unique. This is an excellent package if you would like to use the same blender as chefs-in-training and even get some of their recipes as well.

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