Black Stainless Steel, The Hot New Trend

We’ve been home shopping lately, and we really love the mid-century modern style of homes. It’s really hard to find a remodeled home done tastefully being true to the 1950’s period, while bringing it up to the current style trends.

I can’t tell you how many homes we’ve seen that literally have not been touched since 1950. Avocado green formica countertops, with the occasional cigarette burn bubble stain. Or the peeling vinyl square flooring.

On the one hand, I’d like to buy a fully restored home. But those are practically non-existent.

What we’d really love to do is find one that had good bones, at a good price, that hasn’t been touched. Then we could gut it, and rebuild it with our own touch on it.

Black Stainless Steel

One of the trends that has really got our eye is black stainless steel. I was reading this article that it is the hot new trend! It’s stainless steel, so it’s durable and has that great brushed finish. And it’s not black painted material, which is so 1980’s.

Kitchen appliances that come in black stainless typically come on the higher end of appliances.

Limited Edition Ascent A3500

As a partner of Vitamix, I was just informed that starting August 1, 2017, they are releasing their first black stainless steel blender. It’s called the Vitamix Ascent A3500 Black Stainless. The Ascent A3500 normally sells for $619.95, but being that this is a Limited Edition Black Stainless model, it is priced slightly higher at $649.95.

Right now, it’s classified as a Limited Edition model. Which means they don’t plan on making it forever, so get it while you can.

My gut tells me, if it is popular, they may consider keeping it as a standard finish. But you never know….

If you have your heart set on a set of black stainless appliances, nothing looks nicer than having a cool Vitamix blender on the kitchen countertop.

Black Stainless vs Brushed Stainless

To see the difference between Black Stainless and the standard brushed stainless, I put the two side-by-side for a visual comparison.


If you order one of these black stainless steel models, please leave a comment below when you get it. We’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

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