Blendtec Designer 675 Blender Review

The Workhorse Blender – Blendtec Designer 675

How long has it been since you last used your blender? If you may recall your last experience with a blender, you likely did not enjoy the underwhelming outcome that it delivered. Or perhaps you were not thrilled with the idea of owning an appliance that is specifically made for mixing and blending fruits and nothing more. If it has been years since you last used your old blender, it’s time to get rid of it! If you are looking to get inspired to create amazing drinks or other recipes, there are other blenders that you should consider for your kitchen.

One amazing blender we will take a closer look at is the Blendtec Designer 675. This blender is a wonderful upscale blender that can work well with many different foods and ingredients. Whether you are looking to make delicious smoothies, or need cooking ingredients to be chopped up in a jiffy, this is an all-purpose blender that will leave you with 110 percent satisfaction. It is nicknamed the ”Swiss Army Knife” and the “iPhone of blenders” according to the company and its satisfied customers.

Where Does The Blendtec Designer 675 Fit In The Line-Up?

The Blendtec Designer series is a step up from Blendtec’s Classic series. Compared to the Classic series, the Designer models come with slightly bigger blending containers, more powerful motors, and a newer, cleaner, touch-screen interface that replaces noisy, plastic buttons.

Blendtec is not a well-known brand of appliances compared to Vitamix, but their products equal in regards to quality and value for the price that you pay.

Here is a brief rundown of the pros and cons of the Blendtec Designer 675:


  • This blender has a powerful motor
  • This blender has eight different speeds
  • This blender has a modern touch-screen interface
  • This blender comes with measurements on its jar
  • This blender can clean itself


  • This blender is extremely loud
  • This blender does not look appealing
  • This blender costs a lot of money

Key Features Of The Blendtec 675

The Designer 675 from Blendtec just oozes with versatility. It comes was many amazing features and comes with fairly new technology that makes it an easy and enjoyable product for the kitchen. The Designer 675 is one of the less expensive models in the Designer family of blenders from Blendtec.

Blendtec Designer Base

The blender’s appearance, however, is another story. There is simply a lot of bulk to its base that houses the motor as well as other components. It resembles a funky looking platform boot with a clear shaft. Many homeowners should expect a blender that has a more attractive shape than what this blender offers, which is pretty ironic, considering this is a product called the “Designer”.

Designer 675 Colors

The BlendTec Designer 675 comes in four colors: Charcoal (black), Champagne (Tan), Dark Roast (Brown) and Red. All colors are great for any kitchen setting, but not much variety compared to the Classic series.

Blendtec 675 Controls

Aside from how the Designer 675 looks, it is still a blender that delivers. The first thing that many notice on the blender is the touch panel. It closely resembles the menu on your smartphone. This gives it a clean and modern feel when you want to use it. The menu transforms into a timer when you have it turned on, which is a handy and progressive feature for this blender.

The Blendtec Designer 675 can also be manually programmed to grind, mix, chop and puree, making it a very versatile appliance in the kitchen. There are five presets that come with this blender: Whole juice, smoothies, ice cream, soup, and clean. These presets are easy to use, so long as you just add the required ingredients with the preset you want.

Each preset has the right blending time and speed required for each type, so that you do not need to worry about manual adjustments. This is what many homeowners enjoy most about this blender, and these presets are why it is so simple to use.

Cleaning The Designer 675

The “clean” preset is for cleaning the jar after use. To make it clean itself, add water and dishwasher detergent and press “clean”. This is an amazing feature that should be standard on every make and model blender. Unlike other Blendtec blenders, this blender is not very dishwasher safe, so do not try to run it through a dishwasher.

Buy Blendtec Designer 675

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Versatility of the 675 Blender

There are 8 different speeds that you can adjust this blender to. There are some foods that blend better with slower speeds, and this blender will allow you to have more control over your blending. A pulse option is also included for chunky cutting, ideal for food items such as salsas. Another neat option is the “add 10” option. Pressing this will add ten additional seconds to your blend.

Power To Grind Thru Anything

All Blendtec blenders are known for having a strong motor inside of them. There is three horsepower inside this motor, which means that it is capable of cutting through the toughest of ingredients, from ice to nuts and other hard edibles.

Blendtec Blade Design

While many blenders have two or more blades, this blender features only one, which is thicker but also stronger than other blades, guaranteeing effective cutting regardless of speed. Heat is transferred to the blade via the motor.

When leaving the machine on, you will get a lot of heat that transfers into the jar. This gives you an excellent opportunity to prepare soups and make them hot, without the need of a stove top or microwave.

Blendtec Cookbook

The blender comes with a cookbook, but the cookbook doesn’t instruct you to blend anything for a prolonged period of time to the point where the food will start to heat up. Whether that is a good thing or not depends on what it is that you are making with your blender.

Motor Durability

Despite all the heat, the blender never overheats. The Designer 675 will suck air from the base and directs it over the motor like a vacuum, providing the motor with cool air. This will allow the blender to run optimally all the time. The blender will automatically shut off before it decides to work under extremely hot temperatures, which is a great feature and will prevent problems from occurring.

Blendtec Jar

The jar features measurements to help you determine how much of a certain content you have inside of it. This is great for cooking, on account that you do not need to measure the contents with a desperate cup or spoon.

After blending, the jar doubles as a pitcher, so you can easily pour drinks into glasses and cooking ingredients into pots or pans. This is a handy feature for when you want to handle the contents of the jar with great care.

Designer 675 Warranty

This blender has an eight-year warranty included, which is a great time span for such a product. If you enjoy blending drinks and foods in the kitchen, you would like to use it numerous times before it is time to get a new blender years down the road.

If by chance that you do not like this blender, you have a money back guarantee for 30 days. If you are not sure whether or not to keep the blender after the first time with it, you have plenty of time to make a more sound judgment.

Things To Consider

With all this legendary power, there is one downside. The problem with this blender is that it is very loud; it sounds like a leaf blower in the kitchen. With a powerful motor, that is to be expected, but it can be very surprising to some that do not know their way around kitchen appliances. You can try to dampen the noise by placing a rubber mat underneath the Designer 675.

Alternative Blenders To Consider

If you are considering a few other blenders along with the Blendtec Designer 675, here are three that we also recommend:

Blendtec Classic 575

The Blendtec Classic is modeled after the company’s flagship product, the Total Blender. The Classic 575 is more affordable than the Designs 675 and features an interface that is fairly modern. This blender comes with five speeds, four presets, and is available in six incredible colors.

Blendtec Fit

Even more affordable than the Classic 575 is the Fit. Blendtec labels this blender as its “introductory” model for people who are rather new to blending. Its features are rather simple and it is not built to last as long as the other blenders, but that is to be expected when value is your top priority.

Blendtec Professional 750

For the most advanced blender from Blendtec thus far, there’s the Professional 750. It comes with ten different speeds and six presets. It comes with an illuminated display with no buttons. You can blend cake batter and use this for baking, aside from blending and chopping. For blending, cooking, and baking purposes, it very well be worth the price.


If you are looking for a way to make yummy drinks and meals with easy and quality, the Blendtec Designer 675 is a wonderful appliance for the home. If you want a blender to do more than just blend fruit, you will be excited to own this blender by Blendtec.

Feel free to see what else this amazing blender has to offer and see why it is a sought after item for any kitchen.

Buy Blendtec Designer 675

This is one we’d buy if we started all over again. It’s the perfect balance between power, features, and price. Buy with confidence and get FREE SHIPPING using this link.

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