Blendtec Designer 625 Blender Review

If you’re looking into getting a blender that emphasizes both utility and aesthetic, then the Blendtec Designer 625 may just be the appliance you’re looking for. Not only does the Designer 625 pride itself on featuring next generation blending and control technology, but this model also comes in seven unique colors to complement the look and design of your kitchen.

Let’s dive deeper into the specifics of the Blendtec Designer 625, its performance, features, and aesthetics, as well as how it compares with other Blendtec models and blenders of its caliber and price range.

The Pros

  • Power: The Designer 625 features a 3.0 peak-horsepower motor that can quickly turn ice into snow and get rid of those chunky bits other blenders leave behind in your smoothies and shakes.
  • Controls: With an intuitive touch screen that is easy to clean and use, it doesn’t take a tech genius to figure out how to use it. Controls light up with a single touch and turns off by itself automatically.
  • Preprogrammed Blend Cycles: For those who burn water in the kitchen or just can’t be bothered with guesswork, the Designer 625’s four preprogrammed blend cycles: Smoothie, Ice Cream, Whole Juice, and Hot Soup, are a lifesaver.

The Cons

  • Price: Sure it looks great – but is this beauty worth the high price tag? This blender costs a hefty $480, but if price is no object, there’s no need to justify to anyone why you’d spend that much on a blender.
  • Noise Level: Yes, this blender can make a lot of noise, but with all that power, it doesn’t need to do it for long. However, it still might be an issue when you’re trying to make a smoothie in the morning, while trying not to wake up the rest of your family.
  • Recipe Book: The limited recipe book included with the Designer 625 blender only contains 10 recipes. If you need more recipe inspiration, you’ll need to buy a cookbook or look online.

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Performance all boils down to how powerful the motor of the machine is, and the Designer 625’s motor is so powerful, it might make you jump back the first time you use it if you’ve previously only used regular blenders.

Vitamix is Blendtec’s biggest competitor in the market, but while most of Vitamix’s Next Generation blenders only rate from 2-peak to 2.2-peak horsepower, the Designer 625 already has quite an advantage with its 3-peak horsepower motor.

The 3-peak horsepower means quicker and more powerful blending, but you might never need that much force – that is, not unless you decide on grinding up your spouse’s iPhone during a fight. However, the 3-peak horsepower motor means that since you may never need the full force of the blender during typical use, the appliance will operate under less load – lessening the stress on the motor, and resulting in longer motor life.

And while the Designer 625 is a pretty impressive piece of machinery, the Blendtec’s Designer 725 is a bit more powerful, packing in almost one whole extra horsepower, and a bit less noisy.

Features and Functionality

The Designer 625 package comes with the blender base, containing the motor and controls, and a lightweight, BPA-free WildSide Tritan Jar with a black vented Gripper™ lid.

With its square shape and wide opening, the WildSide Jar is easy to clean by hand if needed. Most of the time, filling the jar with hot water and a little soap, and blending it for 30 seconds will be enough to clean it most times, but for those sticker recipes, it’s easy to scrub the inside of the jar.

The 90 ounce capacity of the WildSide Jar gives you a lot of room to ingredients. Whether you’re making smoothies in the morning or soup at night, you’ll have the capacity to make enough for the whole family. And even though the WildSide Jar is a considerable size, it isn’t so bulky that store it underneath kitchen cabinets.

The vented Gripper™ lid seals in the liquids during use but its center can be lifted off so that extra ingredients can be added in, and allows pressure to escape when hot liquids or ingredients are being blended, something you won’t find on Ninja blenders.

The unbreakable, wingtip blade is made of stainless steel and is 80 percent thicker and ten times stronger than blades from other blender manufacturers. Although the blades can ferociously grind and cut through frozen or dense food (or even an iPhone) while blending, they are not sharp, making clean-up less hazardous.

The Blendtec Designer 625 features 11-speed settings, a 6-speed capacitive touch slider, and pulse, as well as four preprogrammed cycles for Smoothie, Ice Cream, Whole Juice, and Hot Soup.

While recipes and manuals that go along with the machine are always nice additions, the blender’s manual leaves a bit to be desired. The included Blending 101 guide only provides some quick instructions and ten recipes to get you started. Luckily, the machine is easy enough to figure out even without a guide and Blendtec does provide a digital owners manual if you need additional information.

Like other new Blendtec blenders, the Designer 625 comes with an 8-year warranty – always useful, especially if you plan to use this appliance as part of your daily routine.

Although the Designer 625 is technologically impressive, it doesn’t include the “Smartblend Technology” added in the Designer 725 which detects problems, such as air pockets, that can prevent you from achieving the perfect blend. The Designer 725 also has 6 preprogrammed cycles instead of just four – leaving out individual settings for Salsa and Clean.

Design and Usability

The Designer 625 is certainly a looker. It’s hard not to take a second glance and fall in love. And unlike your old blender that you’d rather store inside the cabinet because it’s such an eyesore, you’ll want to put this model on display, especially with all of the color options.

The dimensions of this model are 7″ wide x 15.5″ tall x 9.25″ deep. It weighs 9.25 lbs, and the electronics pull 120 volts and 13 amps. And for those who want their appliances to match their kitchen décor, the Designer 625 base comes in seven different colors – Black, Red, Chartreuse, Sea Foam, Orchid, Slate Gray, and Polar White.

The base also features rubbery feet that elevate the Designer 625, helps to grip the kitchen counter, and allows air to flow through the bottom to keep the motor cool.

While other users may like the simple dial and toggle switch controls of Vitamix blenders, those looking for a sleeker alternative will tend to go more for Blendtec’s blender models that feature more hi-tech interfaces. The illuminated touchscreen interface of the Designer 625 is smooth, flat, easy to use and clean – unlike the buttons featured in old blender models.

The Designer 625 is user-friendly, and it doesn’t take a technology professional or master chef to be able to use it.

Our Conclusion

The Blendtec Designer 625 is a definite must-have for those who regularly make smoothies and juices, and want to get the most bang out of their buck. Yes, it is rather expensive, but it’s certainly a lot more hi-tech and will last much longer than your old blender – especially if you use it every day. Plus, with its variety of colors, it’s a looker and is certainly a conversation piece.

For those making a decision between the Designer 625 and Designer 725, it really all boils down to how much you’re can afford to pay. If you’re able to spend $170 more for a blender and its additional features, go ahead and buy the Designer 725. If you’re not, then the Designer 625 is still a great value.

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