Signature Series Blender Review

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The new Signature Series was introduced in June 2013 and it includes a few new features that make this one of the best Blendtec blenders yet.

A redesigned control panel and an additional container that is specially engineered for thick mixtures make the Signature Series a serious contender in the high-performance blender market.


Blendtec Signature Series

The dimensions of the Signature Series are fairly similar to the Designer Series or Classic Series models as it stands 15″ high, 7″ wide, and 9.25″ deep. However, the base is a full one pound lighter than both models, only weighing 6 lbs. and is currently only available in black.

The Signature Series package also comes with a WildSide container, a recipe booklet, a Fresh Blends recipe book, and a Spectaula spatula.

The WildSide Container

The WildSide container is a unique variation on the standard blender container. The WildSide container has an additional fifth side that causes a disruption in the vortex that is created when blending. This disruption helps direct the ingredients back down toward the blades more efficiently leading to a faster blend.

This container is quite large, in fact, it is the largest offered by Blendtec, and it will hold 96 oz when completely full. However, Blendtec does not recommend filling it to full capacity with liquid since the lid is vented and it is possible that liquid may leak out when the blender is running.

The Motor

The Signature Series is outfitted with the same, 1560 watt, motor as the Professional Series, Designer Series and Classic Series models, and is capable of producing 3-peak horsepower.

The size difference between the Blendtec motor and the motor found in the typical household blender is quite substantial. Like other high-performance blenders, the Signature Series is capable of heating up room temperature ingredients to a near boiling temperature in just a matter of minutes with only the friction created by the moving blade.

Blendtec motor size comparison

The Controls

The redesigned controls on the Signature Series have been simplified to allow for quick and easy use. Unlike the Classic Series model, the controls now feature five quick speed buttons that enable you to switch between different speed levels and a button to turn the motor off. Previously, you were required to tap a speed up/down button multiple times to switch between speeds.

In addition to the speed selection buttons, there are five preset cycles for popular preparations (batter, smoothie, ice cream, juice, and soup) and a pulse button that delivers a quick burst of power.

Signature Series controls

Our Conclusion

The only negative point for the Signature Series is that it is currently only available in black, which may not look perfect in everyone’s kitchen.

But, with its simplified controls and the included spatula, the Signature Series is a great value.

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  1. I have two Blendtec Blenders. The Signature series, and the Pro 750 series……. Both were very expensive, and both of them im having problems with the knife cutter bearings in both containers. Is anyone else having the same problems????? Im on the phone with Blendtec now in hopes they will take care of this problem.
    Sincerely Glenn

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