Blendtec Stealth Blender Review

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The Blendtec Stealth is, without question, the quietest blender I have ever reviewed. For the past week, I’ve had the pleasure of testing it out in my kitchen and am simply amazed by what it can do, and how quiet it can do it.

Blendtec Stealth package

The Stealth was originally designed for use in commercial settings like restaurants and coffee or smoothie shops, where a low noise level is important. But, Blendtec has recently released it for sale to the general public, and if you’re looking for the same blender the pros use, this is it!


The Blendtec Stealth is incredibly powerful. Inside the specially engineered black plastic base is a 3.8 peak horsepower motor. A clear plastic sound enclosure is attached to the base which, when closed, dramatically reduces the noise.

The difference is amazing! Hear for yourself in this short video.

It measures 17.3″ tall, 8.3″ wide, and 9″ deep, making it just a bit shorter than even the shortest Vitamix blender. The Stealth weighs 16.2 lbs meaning that it is also the heaviest blender we’ve ever reviewed.

Blendtec Stealth cord

The cord is 6’8″ (80″) long, but unfortunately, there is no place to store it if don’t need to use much of it. You’ll be left to coil it up and hide it behind the base.

Included in the Stealth package are two jars, the WildSide and the Twister, a user guide, and a Twister Jar recipe book.

The WildSide Jar

Blendtec Stealth making dough

The WildSide jar included with the Stealth has a capacity of nearly 90 fluid ounces and the jar has very clear markings on the side for up to 36 ounces which makes measuring very easy.

The WildSide has a unique, five-sided design that helps to create a vortex, which will pull ingredients down towards the blades. The flat-sided, square designs make it much easier to scrape out thicker mixtures and extremely easy to clean, unlike the standard Vitamix containers that are much more narrow.

One important thing to note about this and all Blendtec containers is that the blade used is a two-pronged, wingtip design. The wingtips do an excellent job of breaking up larger ingredients allowing them to be blended quickly, and the two-pronged design makes it easier to scrape out the final mixture.

It comes with a vented Gripper® lid that allows pressure and steam to escape when blending hot soups or sauces and the opening in the middle lets you add ingredients while blending.

The Twister Jar

Blendtec Stealth with Twister jar

Blendtec’s newest jar, the Twister Jar is also included as part of the Stealth package. It is specially designed for thick mixtures like hummus, nut butter, or dough and comes with a two lids, one of which has blades that extend down the walls of the container.

When this lid is twisted, it will scrape ingredients away from the sides and force them back down into the blades. It also comes with a Spectacula Spatula which really helps to scrape the finished mixtures from the jar when finished.

I tested out the Twister Jar by making pesto, almond butter, and spinach pasta, shown here. Each time, it did an excellent job, and the special twister lid was excellent at moving ingredients away from the walls of the jar and back down into the blades.

Blendtec Twister jar with almond butter

One thing to note about the Twister jar is that the Twister lid does not make a tight seal with the container. This is important because it is possible for the ingredients to come out through the gaps between the lid and the container as shown by this image that was the result of my first attempt at making almond butter.

It is important when using the Twister jar and lid, to make sure that the blender is started at a very slow speed, and then gradually ramped up to full speed.

The Motor

As mentioned previously, the Blendtec Stealth is the most powerful blender we’ve ever reviewed. It comes with a 3.8 peak horsepower motor, which is more than enough to take on anything that you can throw at it. The motor is rated at 1800 watts making it nearly 2.5 times more powerful than any standard blender.

The motor is extremely quiet considering how powerful it is. At high speed, it makes very little noise. All of this power means that the Stealth makes quick work of heating up a soup. The friction created by the liquid and the blades is impressive. In my tests, I was able to heat up soup in only 3 minutes! I mistakenly ran the automatic soup cycle (which lasts for only 90 seconds) twice, and the soup was hot enough to burn my tongue!

Check out this blog post for more information about motors found inside Blendtec blenders.

The Controls

The controls on the Blendtec Stealth are very advanced. It comes with an Illuminated capacitive touch control surface with a manual speed slider, and it is very customizable. The blender comes with 42 preprogrammed blend cycles and even has a USB port that allow you to create custom blend cycles using their Blend Wizard™ tool.

The preprogrammed blend cycles include: small slushy/milkshake, granita/medium milkshake, small milkshake, milkshake with frozen fruit, small margarita/ice cappuccino, medium smoothie (4 different variation), large ice cappuccino, salsa, large smoothie (6 variations), large milkshake (3 variations), 50 seconds @ speed (1, 2, 3, 5, 7, or 9), pulse @ speed (1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 9), batter, ice crush/milkshake, ice cream, whole juice, soup, or ultrathick smoothie (4 variations).

It is very easy to reprogram any of the six main presets with these settings.

Blendtec Stealth controls

If you’d prefer to control the Stealth manually, it also has that option. To access this control mode, you need to tap the setting toggle button on the left below the power button, and it will reveal a slider control. The slider allows you to select and change to any speed. It will then continue to run until the cycle is canceled by tapping the red X on the right side of the control panel. You can also pulse the motor by tapping the button with the pulse icon, located below the cancel button.

Blendtec Stealth controls

Our Conclusion

The Blendtec Stealth is truly a commercial-grade blender and it has a price to match. Priced at $1,499, this is the priciest blender we’ve ever reviewed, but it is well-worth the money. It is amazing how quiet this blender is when compared to other high-performance blenders.

The innovative sound dampening features, incredibly powerful motor and ability to customize the blend cycles is something you would normally expect to find in premium smoothie shops or restaurants, but now, you can have it in your kitchen.

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16 thoughts on “Blendtec Stealth Blender Review”

  1. Rhonda Fernandez

    I want to buy the blender you just reviewed but on amazon they all have various numbers not just Blendtec Stealth and I want the best one for my parents in hospice that need a good one. I don’t want the dumb down cheaper one that is not as good. Help! LOL

  2. Hi did you have a chance to look at the blendtec professional 800 that came out recently ? It has the specs as the Stealth but a different design and price. I am looking at this model versus the professional series at 549 $ and have a difficult time to decide if it is worth paying almost the double for this. Can you comment please ? From your playing with the Stealth were you under the impression that indeed it is worth that much more money. Thare are a total of 2 or 3 reviews of Stealth on the interent so I don’t really have a lot of info. Thanks

    1. Adam @

      Ian, I haven’t had a chance to review the Professional 800 by Blendtec, but looking through what I was able to find online, it looks identical to the Stealth with the exception of the badge on the front and the price.

      Blendtec doesn’t advertise the 800 on their site, which leads me to believe that it is a model specifically for retail stores, like Costco.

      As far as comparing this model with the regular Professional Series, I’d say that if noise is a big concern and you’re going to be getting a lot of use out of your blender, go for the 800 or Stealth model.

      The sound enclosure really does work great and makes it a lot easier on your ears. The 800 series and the Stealth also come with a few extra containers, one WildSide, one FourSide, and the Twister. The Twister is absolutely worth it if you plan on making peanut butter.

      1. Hi Adam
        Thank you for your super fast response.
        Yes, indeed a few stores started selling this model. The warranty on this 800 model confirmed by Blendtec is 10 years. I’ll take your comments into consideration when I will decide which one to buy. Your review was really helpfull. I guess you have to put a monetary value to all those extra features ( design, Programable Cycles, power) and extra accessories (jars) that the 800 comes with + the noise reduction so in the end yes it is a lot of money but everything is accented for :). Thanks again

        1. Ian, I just purchased the Pro 800 through Costco. It is specifically manufactured for their retail stores. It comes with the extra jars and spectacular. It was shipped within 5 business days of ordering it online and when I opened it up, it had the stainless steel “Blendtec Stealth” badge on the front. I was pleasantly surprised. The main difference is that instead of numbers 1-6 on the control panel, it has icons. The manual on Blendtec’s site is written for the 1-6 style. I need to play with mine to figure out how to get to the preprogrammed cycles but it does have all of the same capability as the one on Blendtec’s site.

  3. Have you reviewed the Vitamix The Quiet One? I would be interested how the Blendtec stacks up to the particular Vitamix verison.

    1. Adam @

      We haven’t had a chance to review The Quiet One, yet. Currently, it’s only available to Vitamix’s commercial customers, but I have a feeling that they’ll be making it available for household purchases to compete with the Blendtec Stealth.

      If they do, we’ll definitely do a review to compare the two!

      1. I just bought a Vitamix The Quiet One online yesterday. I should have it by the weekend and will have an electrician come and install a dedicated 20 AMP outlet specifically for it.

        The Blentec Stealth looks like an amazing blender as well. I like that it has a programmed setting for soups. The Quiet One has 34 built in programmed settings but none for soups. I will try and use it’s USB port to download some soup programs from Vitamix’s site if they have that.

        At the price that both of these machines are being sold I’m pretty sure that they excel at blending all sorts of drinks/soups.

        Whether you decide on one or the other, you will be very satisfied.

        1. I went ahead and pulled the trigger on the Vitamix. I’ve had it about a week and it’s outstanding; however wouldn’t you know it I find a Blendtec Stealth on CL for $850!!! Nonetheless I absolutely love my Vitamix The Quiet ONE.

  4. Hi Adam,

    I read your review and noticed in your bio you mentioned your Vitamix blender. I too want to start incorporating a blender more into my family’s lives, but am just starting to learn more about it! My question to you would be which brand to buy for my household. The Vitamix or the Blendtec? And if the Blendtec, is it truly user friendly even to a slightly technologically impaired person? :) Thanks for the good review!


    1. Adam @


      The dial and toggle switch control of the Vitamix versus the button or touchscreen control of Blendtec is one of the main differentiators in my opinion. A lot of it comes down to personal preference, but I personally think the Vitamix controls are easier to learn.

      For a more in-depth review of the differences, check out the Blendtec vs Vitamix article.

      If you’re not sure which you’d prefer, I recommend buying both and trying them out, then returning the one you like the least. Both Blendtec and Vitamix offers a 30 day return policy, however while Vitamix will pay for the cost of return shipping, Blendtec does not.

  5. Adam!

    Nice photos, video and review. Not to mention your bio is at the bottom?

    Next time, let us see the pretty lady next to the blender. :)

    My Stealth review is in process. Thanks for setting the bar high for mine.

    Good things,

    P.S. Any suggestions on what I should test? Anything you didn’t get to test or want to see retested?

    1. Adam @

      Thanks Lenny!

      Would love to see someone measure just how hot and how quick the Stealth can heat liquid. It was amazingly quick when I tried it, but never noted the time

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