Blendtec Total Blender Certified Refurbished

If you’re in the market to buy a Blendtec blender, but want to spend less than $300, your choices are somewhat limited, but the Total Blender Certified Refurbished is your answer.

The quality of all Blendtec blenders is top-notch, and since worn out or damaged parts are replaced during Blendtec’s reconditioning process, you’ll have a difficult time telling one of these refurbished blenders from a brand new model.


The Total Blender Certified Refurbished will have all of the same dimensions and equipment as the new Total Blender WildSide.

It stands 15” tall, is 7” wide by 8” deep and weighs in at 7 lbs. The package contains a factory refurbished Total Blender Series motor base, which is available in one of three colors (black, red, or white), a WildSide Jar with Vented Gripper™ lid, a recipe book, and the owner’s manual.

One significant difference between the Blendtec Certified Refurbished blenders and Vitamix refurbished blenders is that Blendtec still offers theirs with a seven year warranty while Vitamix only offers five years for all of their refurbished models.

The WildSide Container

wildside with fruit

Just like the brand new package, the Total Blender Certified Refurbished comes with the unique WildSide container.

The WildSide container can be used for both wet and dry ingredients, so you will not need to purchase an additional container if you are looking to grind grains or seeds into flours, unlike the Vitamix containers.

The Motor

The motor in the Total Blender Certified Refurbished is the same that your will find among all of the Total Blender Series lineup. The 3-peak horsepower, 1560 watt motor can make quick work of nearly anything you put in the WildSide container and since it is warrantied for a full seven years, you can be sure that it is built to last.

The Controls

The controls on the Total Blender Certified Refurbished are the same as you would find on any of the Total Blender Series blenders. With its six pre-programmed settings, plus speed up/down and pulse controls, and a flat control surface that cleans up easily and makes selecting the right speed for your blend super simple.

Total Blender touchpad

Our Conclusion

The $70 in savings on the Total Blender Certified Refurbished over a new model is worth giving up the new blender smell in our opinion. It’s hard to think of it as being used when Blendtec takes such great care in their refurbishing process.

And since this model still comes with the same 7-year warranty as a new model, you can be sure that the reconditioned package is given no less attention in the factory than any of the brand new blenders that Blendtec produces.

For a limited time, Blendtec is offering the Total Blender Certified Refurbished package for the special price of $279.95, an additional $105 of savings.

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  1. I got one of these as a Christmas present to myself and couldn’t be happier! I love the push button settings since I can load it up, start it, and walk away.

    If you’ve been on the fence about getting one of these, go for it!

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