Vitamix TurboBlend Two Speed Blender Review

The Vitamix TurboBlend Two Speed has been specifically designed for breaking down raw fruits and vegetables into nutritious whole juice. As the name suggests this is a two speed blender which may make you think that it is going to lack the versatility of some of the other machines, however, as this is a Vitamix blender the quality and strength of the motor shines through and you will find that you are able to produce a lot more than you think. It is a C-Series (Classic) blender.

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TurboBlend Two Speed

The TurboBlend Two Speed unit is 20.5″ tall, by 7.25″ by 8.75″ deep and it weighs 10 lbs. The TurboBlend Two Speed has its own unique two-speed motor base with the same internal features as other Vitamix blenders, including a high-efficiency cooling fan. This blender is only available in finger print resistant black. You also receive the standard 64 oz container, and a Recipes for the TurboBlend Two Speed recipe book and a tamper.

The New Eastman Tritan™ Container

The TurboBlend Two Speed comes with the patented 64 oz Eastman Tritan™ container which is made of BPA-free polycarbonate plastic for increased sound dampening and chemical resistance. This container has a great soft grip handle that has been ergonomically designed to make pouring easy and the patented easy-off two-part vented lid with the handy twist-off plug which allows you to add in extra ingredients even when the machine is in use.

The container comes with a tamper which is recommended for use with thicker mixtures as your mixes can develop an air bubble just above blade. The tamper will break up this air pocket and is used to help push food down into the blades.

The container is very easy to wash, just fill it half way with warm water and dish-washing liquid and let the motor run on the high speed until it is clean. Simply rinse it out after and leave to dry.

The Motor

The motor in the TurboBlend Two Speed is the same high quality design as every other Vitamix. It is low friction ball-bearing motor which is extremely durable and will last you a very long time. The base unit has an internal radial cooling fan which will keep the blender cool even on the high speed setting. This is complemented by Vitamix’s own thermal protection system that will prevent you from pushing the motor past its limits, so you won’t cause it to burn out. This motor specifications are 1380 watt running at 2-peak horsepower. There are only two speed settings but the top speed is an impressive 240 miles per hour.

The Controls

The TurboBlend Two Speed is the most simple of any other premium blender because it only has two options. There is no touchpad to learn how to use and you won’t even have to select from a speed dial. The two switches on the front of the base unit are made from a ‘soft-touch’ rubber which is a smooth and long lasting material. You switch the machine on with the right hand switch and the left hand switch lets you toggle between low and high speed. It is as simple as that.

TurboBlend Two Speed controls

Our Conclusion

Despite the simplicity there are still so many things that you can do with such a powerful motor. The versatility comes from the strength of the machine and its ability to cut through raw fruit and vegetables, ice, anything you want to blend the TurboBlend will be able to handle. If you follow some of the 160 examples in the free recipe book you will quickly learn that there are very few limits to this blender.

It comes with the quality and guarantees that you would expect from a company like Vitamix, and is the ideal starting point for anyone who is ready to take their first steps into serious blending.

The TurboBlend Two Speed is available as part of the Certified Reconditioned Two Speed package which will save you $80 over the cost of a new model.Buy from

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15 thoughts on “Vitamix TurboBlend Two Speed Blender Review”

  1. I’m thinking of getting the reconditioned two speed blender and wondered can I make soups, smoothies, peanut butter, grind grains and knead dough in it? Or are the videos I watched made using the higher end models. And is it worth it just for a family of 2, with myself being the sole user.

    1. Adam @

      The reconditioned two speed can certainly do all of the same processes as the variable speed Vitamix blenders, it might just require a little extra work. When the recipe calls for increasing/decreasing the speeds, you’ll need to manually flip the switch from high/low.

      Since you have a small family, I’d recommend taking a look at the reconditioned S30 model, since it has a smaller-sized container. I think this would be perfect for your family.

  2. So I have a 5 year old Turboblend (2 speed) that was just returned to me from warranty service. It seems that during the warranty process, Vitamix replace the plastic cap above the motor and the stickerplate around the controls (front of base).

    I notice now that Thee stickerplate seems to have a hollow part under it where the variable knob would be on the 5200. This got me to wonder…

    Is my machine the same machine exactly as the 5200 (capable of being variable speed) but just missing the knob?

    Is the low setting is actually a variable speed setting that is just fixed?

    If so would it be possible to hack my Turboblend to put a knob on it and make it variable speed?

    Has anyone else ever contemplated this? Anyone have any info on hacking the Turboblend?

    1. Adam @

      That’s a really interesting thought! I haven’t disassembled a Turboblend to see if the required connections are there, but my gut tells me they wouldn’t be.

      I wouldn’t recommend doing this yourself since you’ll probably void the remaining warranty. If I do run across an older Turboblend, I’ll definitely give it a try if only to satisfy my own curiosity.

      1. I’m not going to make my machine the guinea pig. It was really just a thought.

        Do you know of any people that repair Vitamixes that may have more info?

        1. Adam @

          The only company who is licensed to repair household models is the Vitamix factory. I will ask around to see if anyone has looked into this and post an update here if I find any additional information.

  3. Hi Adam,

    Great article! I just purchased the Creations Turbo model with 64oz wet container. Wondering if I should spend more and get a G-series 64oz container so it can fit under cabinet? I would like pros and cons of low profile container. Thank you.

    1. I meant return C series and purchase a G series with low profile container. Need the pros and cons. Thank you

      1. Adam @

        No problem, I get a lot of questions similar to this through email, so I’m glad you asked in the comment section. Hopefully, this will be helpful to others, as well.

        The newer designed, G Series container is shorter and wider than the older, C Series containers, which helps it fit under a standard-height kitchen cabinet when stacked together for storage. This is a definite benefit if you’ve found that you can’t fit everything under your cupboards and want to keep your Vitamix together and ready to use. The last thing you’d want to do is store it in the pantry or in a closet.

        Because the G Series container is wider, it has a larger blade and more room at the bottom, so you’ll find that you don’t need to cut up larger fruits or vegetables as much because of this. Since the C Series is so narrow, larger ingredients tend to get lodged in there and you’ll likely need to use the tamper to push it down into the blades. I find that I use my tamper less frequently with the G Series than I did with the older C Series models.

        One of the drawbacks of this extra width at the bottom is that smaller recipes, like dressings or dips, don’t do quite as well. There’s too much space at the bottom and with smaller recipes (under 2 cups) a lot of the liquid will sit below the blades and won’t blend as well. In these situations, you can either double the recipe and save the extra, or use a smaller container, like the 32 oz wet container, if you plan on making a lot of smaller batches.

        Hope that is helpful!

  4. Hi, I’m finding your information really helpful – thanks!
    I’m wondering, would the TurboBlend be able to mill flour or grind other dry ingredients? Does the standard dry container still work with the TurboBlend, or would I need to go with something like the Total Nutrition Centre version?
    Thanks again!

    1. Adam @

      Yes, the TurboBlend can handle flour or dry ingredients with the additional, dry grains container.

      Happy to help, Jennifer!

      1. Want to make sure I fully understand your reply: we do need the dry goods container miller flour etc?

        1. Adam @

          You can grind dry ingredients in the wet blade container, but the results won’t be as good as if you were to use the dry container.

          The dry container is designed to move ingredients up and away from the blades (as opposed to down and intro the blades) which keeps the dry ingredients cooler during blending.

  5. Charlene Bovee-Lewis

    Hi, just started using my vitamix 2speed read a lot of reviews. Now feeling i should have bought the standard model. Is my machine as good as the rest? Don’t really want to spend more money. Do i really need to? Or is my machine out dated? Thanks

    1. Adam @

      It really depends on what you’ll be using it for.

      For smoothie, soup, or juice, the TurboBlend will get the job done. However, if you’re looking to make more complicated recipes that require a finer-grained control, the variable speed control is much more desirable.

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