Vitamix Creations GC Blender Review

The Creations GC is another unique package offered for sale through QVC. A closer look reveals that this model is exactly the same as the Vitamix 5200 or other C-Series (Classic) models with one minor difference, the smaller, 48 oz container.

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The Creations GC is available as part of the Certified Reconditioned Standard package and it will save you $70 over the cost of the QVC TSV price.


Creations GC

This model stands 17.4” tall when the 48 oz container is sitting atop the motor base and the base measures 7.25″ wide, 8.75″ deep and weighs in at 10.5625 lbs. This unit has a 3-pronged power cord that measures a lengthy 6 feet, but can be wound up and stored beneath the motor base allowing you to leave out only as much as you need. The Creations GC is available in one of three colors (red, black, or white) through Vitamix or one of nine (turquoise, black, cinnamon, slate, blue, espresso, spice, berry, or white) if purchased through QVC.

The Creations GC packages comes with a Creations cookbook, a Getting Started guide, a Let’s Get Started DVD, and a tamper.

The Eastman Tritan™ container

48 ounce container

The Creations GC comes with a 48 ounce BPA-free Eastman Tritan™ copolyester container. Like all newer Vitamix blenders, the container includes sound damping features and sits on a square rubber pad which helps cushion the container and dampen any vibration caused during operation. It is fitted with an ergonomic soft grip handle that makes pouring easy and uses Vitamix’s patented easy-off 2-part vented lid with a removable twist-off lid plug which makes it easy to add ingredients during blending.

The Motor

The motor is a 2-peak horsepower, Swedish built motor which is capable of spinning the blades up to 37,000 revolutions per minute. While the motor is designed and manufactured in Sweden, but the rest of the product is manufactured and assembled in the United States, in Cleveland, Ohio. The Creations GC is fitted with a radial cooling fan for efficient cooling even at high speeds and is paired with Vitamix’s thermal protection system in order to prevent the motor overheating and burning out.

The Controls

Creations GC base

This blender is controlled by a combination of switches and a speed dial, but it does not have preprogrammed settings like some of the Vitamix’s other models. The switches are coated with ‘soft-touch’ rubber to make them easier to work with. You are able to turn the machine on and off with one switch and adjust the motor speed from variable to high with the other. The center dial controls the variable speed of the machine with settings ranging from one to ten.

Whether you’re making whole juices or smoothies, soups or syrups, even ice-cream, it is always best to start the blender on variable speed setting one and move up to higher speeds as it is running.

Our Conclusion

The Creations GC is a great machine, but I would recommend taking a look at the Certified Reconditioned Standard package and comparing the value. For $70 less you could own a Vitamix with the same 5 year warranty and a larger, 64 ounce container.

All Certified Reconditioned packages go through an extensive reconditioning process at the Vitamix factory in Cleveland, Ohio and receive a new container, tamper, and cookbook, so the package you’ll receive is essentially brand new. Vitamix also offers 30-Day Risk-Free trial, which means that if you are not completely satisfied and don’t find Vitamix to meet your expectations, just simply return it within 30 days for a full refund.

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7 thoughts on “Vitamix Creations GC Blender Review”

  1. I am torn between the 7500 and the GC. There are only 2 of us in the family. I am told that the 7500 is not good for less than 3 cups. Is that true? That is what makes me lean to the GC.

    1. Adam @

      The wider container does have some issues with smaller recipes, but the good news is that the smaller containers will fit perfectly on the 7500. If you’re leaning more toward the 7500, you could always purchase a smaller container for the smaller recipes.

  2. The Creations GC has a 12.5% stronger motor output than the 5200 and 1 extra amp of power; 12.5 Amps vs 11.5 amps. I have seen an actual photo of the sticker off the bottom of a Creations GC blender on ebay. The vitamix website does show hat too on the product specs. Apparently the Creations GC and Next Generation 750 are both the same strength motors, except that the GC has .5 extra amps than even the 750. Of course the commercial Vitamix machines blow both out of the water but those have crabby warranty service.

    1. Adam @

      I’d recommend the 7500 if you’re looking at either that or the Creations GC. The 7500 is a newer model, with updated design and sound dampening technology and I feel it is a better value.

      Hope that helps!

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