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Use our exclusive Blendtec promo code when placing your order through to automatically get the best prices and FREE shipping. Buying direct from Blendtec means you cut out the middleman and purchase directly from the manufacturer, saving you money.

Unlike other high-volume types of products, Blendtec coupon or Blendtec promo code are very limited, and this is the best one you can find.

This Blendtec promo code gives free shipping on all blenders and up to a 30% discount on refurbished blenders, and is automatically applied when visiting using this link or any of the specially coded links throughout this site.

Using our Blendtec Promo Code

All you need to do to activate our promotion code and receive your savings is:

  1. Visit by using this link or any of the Buy from links throughout our website.
  2. Select your blender and accessories from the website and add them to your shopping cart.
  3. Proceed to the checkout.
  4. Where you see a box for “Discount”, enter in the Blendtec Promo Code: “BRPromo”.
  5. That’s it! Just complete the checkout process and save on your Blendtec purchase.

If you do not see the Shipping Discount section, simply return to our site and use this link to apply the promotion code, or contact us if you have any additional questions.

Step 1: Type In “BRPromo” into the Discount box


Step 2: Hit the “Apply” button and verify the Discount shows “Free Shipping”


This Blendtec promotion code will even give you free shipping on containers and accessories, and this offer does not expire.

Questions and Answers

Question: What if I don’t like my Blendtec after I buy it?

Answer: Blendtec offers a 30-day guarantee that allows you to return your purchase for a full refund, minus the shipping charges, within 30 days.

Any purchase you make from the Vitamix site will include whichever No-Risk Guarantee they promise you. To be sure, you can always call them directly and tell them your code, as well. Their full warranty should fall under the same rule.

Question: Why shouldn’t I buy from a retail outlet?

Answer: Buying direct from the manufacturer is the best way to ensure that you get the best deal. You’ll be cutting out the middleman by purchasing direct from the factory.

Question: Why use BlenderReviews Blendtec Coupon Code?

Answer: We have a goal to help everyone live a healthier lifestyle, make a smart buying decision on a high-performance blender, and save as much money as possible. We know there are lots of sites talking about blenders, but this is our passion. But passion only takes us so far.

Why Use BRPromo?
Writing articles, reviewing products, maintaining fast website hosting, and other tools, all add up. By using our Blendtec Coupon Code, you get FREE SHIPPING and we earn a small commission that helps us keep this site running. It won’t make us rich, all it does is keep the bills paid.

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2 thoughts on “Blendtec Promo Code”

  1. I have owned a Blendex for 4 years and love it. After using it everyday I have a leak in the top. Can I just buy a new top? The plastic started to leak.
    Thank You Sally

    1. Adam @

      Yes, you certainly can. Here’s a link to purchase a new Blendtec jar.

      I’d also recommend calling their customer service center at 1-800-253-6383 to see if the jar might be replaced for free under the warranty included when you purchased the blender.

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